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2.2happy February, friends!  ohmygod.  this week.  fashion week prep, insanity at work, insanity in life… I wasn’t so sure I’d make it out alive.  add to that the fact that there are some serious growing pains going on over here.  I am so, so sorry for the site outages this week.  I migrated servers twice in one week and it’s been a little bit stressful + frustrating.  on a brighter note, the site seems to be fixed now and is operating much more smoothly than before.  also… I was featured in Lucky Magazine and am Martha Stewart Living’s newest guest pinner… two honors that go beyond my wildest dreams!  hope you are enjoying your weekend… here are my favorite things from the week!

first order of business:  my sister launched her site and it is amazing!  I can’t wait until March when her first collection becomes available for purchase.

loved this clear clutch DIY.

chocolatey fudgy brownies that also happen to be paleo!

this heart friendship bracelet blew my mind!

this Valentine’s Day manicure idea is so smart… and easy!

new favorite thing:  cats in clothes.

I’m lemlem obsessed.  if only it were warm out / we had somewhere to go, I’d be all over this bad boy.

Hitha is launching packing guides… love this idea!

Dallas launched a new site… simply stunning.

organize your internet life:  some highly useful tidbits in here…

watching the superbowl?  Kelly shared some yummy (skinny) recipes.

PS – if you are in NYC, you have to stop by BaubleBar Unwrapped between 2/1 – 2/16.  it’s kind of awesome.


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Leave a Comment


  1. Novella - 9lla.it:

    I love the clutch, too!!!

    Fashion & DIYs

    2.2.13 Reply
  2. Kelly - Fabulous K:

    Thanks for the link love, Grace! So excited to check everything out. Happy Saturday!

    2.2.13 Reply
  3. Becca:

    Thanks Grace! xx
    I’m also obsessed with the cats in clothes haha.

    2.2.13 Reply
  4. Ashley:

    Love the “organize your internet life” post. There are some great links

    xo Ashley

    2.5.13 Reply