Weekend Reading | 9.29.2018

Weekend Reading No. 308

happy weekend!

Today I am heading out to East Hampton (just for the night) with Blair, Krystal, and Mary for a fun little work trip with GG Maull (she makes the most amazing belt bags)! We’re all pals so it’s sort of turned into a second birthday celebration (oh boy) which is kind of fun! It’s been a great week and I’m looking forward to getting out of the city for a night. PS – I don’t have Snapchat anymore but how cool is this?

Weekend Reading No. 308

I thought this was a fascinating look at the difference between luck and hard work. I just love everything James Clear writes.

It’s simple but hard to find! The perfect grey tee.

For the cat lovers. OMG.

Things to think about before you buy a new plant!

I can’t stop buying plaid blazers! This one is a great price.

Love these life lessons.

A cozy, cropped sweater.

A new to me designer that I’m now obsessing over.

Love this affordable take on Sex and the City inspired style.

I’m obsessed with this faux shearling lined military jacket.  It’s equal parts cozy and edgy.

I really like the idea of building a “mental health shelf.” What would be on yours?

Very into this snuggly cardigan.

I’m not really a nail art person but actually love these minimalist designs. Maybe I’ll give one a try.

How to break a bad habit (and replace it with a good one!)

Acne everything. I’m crushing on this big cozy knit.

It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween!

A classic sweater for under $100. I love every color.

Some good career advice.

How to budget in your twenties.

Such a good staple: the perfect camel scarf.

Because I’m a total klutz and always spilling on myself – the best stain removers!

A chic sweater coat. I probably need it.

Learning to value yourself.

A few ways to trick yourself into saving money. Because that’s what it takes, haha.

Such a cute beaded bag!

How to wear overalls as an adult. (Generally not a fan but this look is pretty cute!)

Love this gorgeous teddy coat!

Why clean beauty is important.

Bath season is almost here and I cannot wait to try a ginger bath!!!

Absolutely loving these lemon-y loafers!

Are we wired to sit?

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  1. Katie Herklotz:

    Love the money posts!

    9.29.18 Reply
  2. Hope you gals have a blast in the Hamptons!

    9.29.18 Reply
  3. I love the tricks to saving more money! Interesting links this week 🙂 hope you have a lovely weekend! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.29.18 Reply