Weekend Reading | 08.25.2018

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Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!

I don’t have a lot planned but I do know that I’m going to get to yoga today and tomorrow and go see Crazy Rich Asians tomorrow night. Have you seen it? Did you like it? I’m literally the only person I know who didn’t like the book (I actually put it down), but I still want to see the movie. Oh and we have to record the podcast at some point, so there is that! This week was a mixed bag for me. (the good: a fun lunch with Kiehl’s, a party with Vogue, getting ready for Morocco next week // the bad: Passport DRAMA!) but overall pretty good. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab – enjoy this week’s roundup!

Weekend Reading

Made me actually LOL: New York Men Described as Subway Lines.

The oversized blooms on this wrap dress are SO pretty.

Read this for frizz free hair.

A no BS guide to astrology!

This little minidress would be so chic for fall with high boots.

Really related to this post about notification burnout and not getting back to people right away.

A super cute, affordable (and flattering) blazer.

The best (under $50) face masks.

Loved Jo’s post about podcasts.

So weird we’re talking about sweater weather but I love this one.

A sexy but still classic outfit idea.

Loooove these lightweight gold earrings!

Love this simple everyday jewelry.

The importance of saying NO!

A chic (organic) cotton tee. Also, I love the color of those stripes.

Whoa – these magical shoes look kinda cool. What a smart idea!

This leopard cami is a great way to spruce up a basic blazer and jeans.

How to glow like Miranda Kerr.

Everything you need to know about collagen peptides.

Obviously really need this striped tunic!

How to wear polka dots without being too cutesy.

How gorgeous is this simple ($75) slip dress?

Why eating the rainbow is important.

Carly has me wanting to try a menstrual cup.

Feel like I’d live in this shirt dress come fall.

Have you tried the king of essential oils?

I for sure need this dress.

Loved these in flight beauty tips.

How to reduce food waste.

Very into the button details on this dress.

Ahhhh this post is just palm leaf HEAVEN!

Such a good wrap top.

Give me alllll the dresses! This post is pure eye candy and I want them all.

Can’t stop wearing this pajama style shirt (pictured above). This one is super cute too.

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  1. Lunch party with Kiehl’s – I’m jealous! I’ve loved the brand since forever!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.25.18 Reply
  2. Cristiana:

    You are not alone. I hated the book as well, and abandoned it somewhere in the middle. I still hope that it translates better into the big screen and wanna see the movie…

    8.25.18 Reply
  3. Katie:

    Definitely recommend a menstrual cup, surprised it hasn’t been a topic here yet! I’ve been using them since 2011 and I’ll NEVER go back.

    8.25.18 Reply
  4. Rach:

    I didn’t like the book either and I am an avid reader (and not too picky) just like you. I thought that the writing and content was shallow and the topic has been done a million times before. Very boring. I have 0 desire to see the movie. I’m going to Morocco in January! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

    8.25.18 Reply
  5. Grace:

    Thought the book was meh, the brand name dropping was just nonstop. On the other hand LOVED the movie, so much better in my opinion, I connected with the story way more! And there is an amazing scene toward the end between the two main women, don’t want to give it away but it’s full of symbolism… Definitely look it up afterwards – even as someone who thought she understood what happened, I was surprised by a lot of the deeper meanings I missed.

    8.25.18 Reply
    • Mama, M.D.:

      Read the book and delighted in it—but I enjoy pretty lighthearted fluff in my spare time!! The movie was lovely too, and visually so sumptuous. I didn’t know about the deeper meaning— would you be able to say more (or maybe Grace could dive into this?) I’d love to look it up but don’t know what to look up 🙂

      New reader here!!
      Have a great weekend,
      Mama, M.D.

      8.25.18 Reply
    • YES that drove me crazy as well! Going to have to look that up!

      8.26.18 Reply
  6. Thanks friend! You’re the best!

    8.28.18 Reply
  7. chichi:

    I have been hearing about crazy rich asians everywhere, can’t wait to watch. love the red in your sandals!

    8.31.18 Reply
  8. Thanks for sharing your picks!

    9.5.18 Reply