Weekend Reading, 3.9.24.

Weekend Reading 3.9.24
Dress linked here, shoes are here!

Happy weekend! I am going to an eighties themed murder mystery dinner party tonight and tomorrow? Just very excited for the Oscars. I’ve now seen all the best picture noms and I didn’t make any plans with friends as I had a busy week and just want to hang at home. I’m looking forward to ordering something delicious, curling up with my needlepoint, and getting cozy. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great.

Weekend Reading, 3.9.24

Oscar predictions: who will win, who should win, who is overdue! (The New Yorker)

OK this is a really good Amazon dress!

Oh wow – Josh Brolin’s Miami home is a stunner. So unique and cool! (NY Times)

This under an hour Coq au Vin needs to be in my recipe arsenal (Eater)

I just got this basket bag and love it so much. I like the internal drawstring to keep things from falling out!

Everyone I know was talking about The Idea of You trailer… what do we think? (W)

I just got this chunky stripe sweater and love it! So comfortable.

Too much was never enough for Iris Apfel. RIP. (Elle)

I am very very very excited about this new show, which is based on The Talented Mr. Ripley! (Vogue) The trailer can also be found here!

This little lace dress is a great price and comes in fun colors (love the red!).

8 ways to get the Nancy Meyers aesthetic on a budget. (The Everygirl)

Why is this cute little mini tote so tempting? It’s not at all practical but I love it.

The best cookbooks of 2024. (Food & Wine)

Surprising facts about women’s history month! (Time)

These sneakers are just so cute!

I am really loving the new NYT word game. I hope they keep it! (The Atlantic)

Ugh Alemais can just take all my money — this shirt dress is amazing!

Kirsten Dunst is back in action (she looks GREAT I might add!). (Marie Claire)

Affordable travel destinations for Spring (Conde Nast Traveler)

The best casual white top. Size up for a roomy/off duty vibe.

A dreamy Ojai home to drool over (Architectural Digest)

This is the perfect everyday cardigan.

What ever happened to fun? (Bazaar)

Helpful: the one way to roast every kind of vegetable! (NY Times)

The best little summer lounge set (I sized up!).

The most luxurious airport in the world (Travel & Leisure)

This cotton zip up is so cute!

Greta Gerwig on how she chooses projects that excite her. (Time)

Small garden ideas! (Architectural Digest)

The prettiest mary jane flats, in a slew of great colors.

The most anticipated books of Spring 2024. (The Everygirl)

But also, Bustle‘s most anticipated books of Spring 2024.

This Madewell tote has big Khaite vibes? Love the shape.

Why is fur everywhere again? (Vogue)

I caved and got the Chloe sneakers. Love them.

Tibetan Buddhist wisdom you can actually use. (The Atlantic)

On cooking with alcohol. (Food and Wine)

A very pretty dress.

This sheet pan halloumi looks insane. (Bon Appetit)

I love everything about these crochet raffia loafers!

The best art exhibits in New York right now. (Conde Nast Traveler)

This mid century modern California reno is truly just so good. (Apartment Therapy)

PS. Last week’s Weekend Reading.

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