Weekend Reading, 3.5.22.

Weekend Reading 3.5.22

Hi there. Can you believe it is March? On that note, I talked about this on Instagram stories this week but do you / your family say “rabbit rabbit” on the first day of the month? My family does, and I loved reading about where the tradition came from. I have a pretty low key weekend ahead… family dinner tonight and just getting caught up on life admin. And maybe watching a little bit of The Dropout – it looks so good and I didn’t realize it was out! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great.

Weekend Reading, 3.5.22

My apartment was on Apartment Therapy this week.

All the best new releases coming at you over the next two weeks.

This gel acid deodorant is the best deodorant I’ve tried in ages. Love the eucalyptus fragrance too!

How to support trans youth in Texas.

I cannot wait to make Liz’s goat cheese pasta.

Did you see? Nest is now doing rattan candles and diffusers – I am extra excited about the grapefruit one.

What is imposter syndrome, and is it all bad?

It’s so hard to find button down shirts that are nice and long – like a men’s shirt. This one is tres chic!

On the value of wisdom.

A guide to getting rid of just about everything.

Such a pretty little sundress!

On what it’s really like to report from Ukraine right now.

The most anticipated books of March.

I can’t tell if these mint green satin slides are ugly or amazing. Either way, they’re currently in my cart.

On the value of not cutting out “toxic” people.

Such a pretty everyday dress, for only $39.

This love story on Cup of Jo is so sweet.

Cold weather outfit ideas with no exposed ankles.

Thanks, Jess!

I’ve been crushing hard on this rattan necklace – what a creative idea!

How to create a beautiful home bar.

This blue & white sundress is so lovely, and a good price!

I enjoyed this piece by Charmaine Wilkerson (author of Black Cake) also, the Hulu news at the bottom is amazing(!!!)

This sheet pan salmon recipe looks so good!

I love the simplicity of this easy breezy knotted midi dress.

The perfect blend of outdoorsy (hiking) and luxury (The Four Seasons).

In case you needed a reminder, these are my most favorite joggers. Just so comfortable and soft.

Mmm… broccoli recipes. (I love broccoli!)

The best boob tapes.

This is such a cute top – looks like Cara Cara, for under $100. Also love this one – Zimmermann vibes?

I drooled over Shonda Rhimes’ apartment for a very long time. Regal is definitely the right word.

The world needs more beauty tutorials just like this one.

Love the easy vibes of this little Amazon dress. The green pattern is everything!

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photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. Shana:

    Rebecca Jarvis’ podcast The Dropout was….wow, just wow! Living overseas at the height of Theranos I had no idea who Elizabeth Holmes was and then a couple of years ago I went down the rabbit hole. The ABC special last night with Rebecca was V good and she interview Amanda Seyfried and Naveen so I imagine the Hulu show is solid!!

    3.5.22 Reply
    • Jessica:

      Thanks for the heads up on the podcast! I’m living overseas now so not sure when I’ll get to see Dropout…the podcast will tide me over nicely!

      3.5.22 Reply
    • Ah I forgot about the podcast – I want to listen!!!!

      3.5.22 Reply
  2. Kelly D:

    Oh my goodness… your kitty! I can’t believe I’ve never seen her/him before!!! Your place is beautiful too. 🙂

    3.5.22 Reply
  3. Kaelyn:

    That’s so funny that your apartment was featured on apartment therapy. I was reading your previous post on outfits of the week and thinking, “her apartment looks really cool, I wonder what it’s really like in there.” And BAM! Apartment tour! Love your style, and the blog!

    3.5.22 Reply
  4. Anna:

    Thank you for including links about Ukraine. Just fyi that it’s considered highly offensive / derogatory to refer to it as “the” Ukraine. It’s a sovereign nation and is just Ukraine. Please consider updating your link text.

    3.5.22 Reply
    • Whoops, I did know that and it was a total accident – thanks for flagging, I have fixed it, my utmost apologies!

      3.5.22 Reply
  5. Anna:

    Congrats on having your apartment featured. I was having trouble following the apartment therapy captions. May I ask who the artist is for the large piece in your bedroom that looks like a painting of a cherry blossom tree? And the don’t panic piece? Would
    Love to see a post featuring all these artists

    3.7.22 Reply