Weekend Reading.

This week was a total bust with being sick. I thoughhhht it was just a 24 hour thing… no such luck. Womp. I wish I had more interesting news for you. I read a LOT while I was sick so my February Reading List is going to be amaaaazzzzzing. (It’s planned for next Tuesday if you’re curious! ;)) Anyway, yesterday I was finally feeling better… I’d say that I’m back to 80%… at least! Today I have a shoot (still getting caught up on the work front!!) and then a bunch of us are going to the spa for my friend’s birthday. Other than that, I don’t have very much planned and I’m good with that. Time to get back to normal and take care of myself! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab (Go Patriots?? I didn’t even realize it was Superbowl weekend until yesterday… oops!) Stay warm and have fun!

The most beautiful coffee shops in every state. Having been to both the New York + Massachusetts ones, I’d tend to agree!

Need this cozy sweater in my life.

I am generally, anti-fleece – unless it’s for lounging at home, skiing, or at the gym. That being said, Hitha may be changing my position entirely… she looks amazing in this fleece top + suede leggings. I want to steal her whole outfit.

OMG. Goop just launched baths, and I want to try them all.

This striped kimono is so fun.

I’m so happy that Annie has been blogging again and I can’t wait to try these products.

These velvet smoking flats just went on sale and I really want them.

I loved Jen’s list of words she hates + makeup she loves. (I despise the word “hack” too!)

Still want to go here, so badly.

The twist back on this tee makes it such a great basic.

How to foam roll away bloat.

The sweetest navy dress.

I have been really wanting to start getting acupuncture again (I did it years and years ago when an old day job was giving me anxiety) and Julia’s post has me convinced.

Why we still love blogging.

This coverup is SO good.

As a fellow Palo Santo lover, I really liked Joanna’s guide to making your home smell amazing.

The perfect chunky turtleneck.

Things to get rid of in 2018.

Have you tried cryotherapy? I’m not going to lie… it sounds awful?

This sweater is under $100 and the colors are all so pretty.

Super into this February to-do list.

I just LOVE this cheetah sweatshirt!!!

Such a pretty date night (or vacation) look – I want Kat’s dress!

Loved Jenn’s photos + video from Charleston!

Really into this distressed cold shoulder sweatshirt.

Mackenzie looks so cute in blue + white.

This cozy scarf is 100% cashmere and it’s on sale!

Loved Will’s tips for achieving greatness while living with anxiety.

Why being forgetful might actually be good?

How gorgeous is this (perfect for vacation!) dress??

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  1. I hope you get better soon! I’ve been down with the flu the past four days as well – it’s been the worst and being under house arrest bores me no end. But like you, at least I’m getting some reading done! Stay strong! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.3.18 Reply
  2. Thanks so much, lady! Sending you tons of good vibes for a full recovery!

    2.3.18 Reply
  3. Hate that you’ve been sick! Everyone down here has been shuffling around the flu and I am legit hiding in my office with the door closed or apartment until it dies down.

    Your cryotherapy question made me giggle. At work, we have three (3!!) cryochambers for the players. It’s pretty funny. There has been a lot of research that it helps with recovery in a different way than an ice bath would and it’s much quicker – max of like 2 minutes I think. It also has the benefit of being kind of space-agey with the “fog” that comes out of the top and makes for some fun videos. LOL. I haven’t used one of the chambers but I’ve joked that if I ever train for another marathon, I may sneak in.

    2.3.18 Reply
    • Aw thanks Bobbi!

      And HAHA. I am sure it has its benefits but I just HATE being cold!!! HATE! Much more into the infrared sauna craze 😉 xo

      2.3.18 Reply
  4. Courtney:

    Ah, so sorry you’ve been feeling ill! Hopefully you can knock out the rest of it this weekend, even though it sounds busy.

    I actually was inspired to come comment as I just completed my New York Cares volunteer orientation (they now offer it online! So convenient), and I remember you writing about it at some point last year. I’m curious if you’ve kept up with volunteering and if so, maybe you could write an update on it for us? Or maybe even add a section to the wellness challenge once a month or every other week on different projects! It seems like giving back could be a really good way to nurture your mind and could even possibly contribute to the “try something new” part of the challenge, especially if it’s something active like walking dogs or cleaning up a park! Plus, for those who are strapped for cash, it could be a really good affordable option. Just a thought!

    2.3.18 Reply
    • Thanks Courtney!!!

      And appreciate the suggestion! I am not planning to add any volunteering related content to the blog (I will be honest and say that I just don’t want to talk about absolutely everything I’m doing in my life here) but I appreciate the suggestion!

      Have a great weekend. xx

      2.3.18 Reply
  5. I’m with you on cryotherapy – it just looks insane. Now, sweating it out in a sauna sleeping bag while watching Madam Secretary? Hell yes.

    Thank you SO much for your sweet words on my outfit. Confession – I do outfit posts mainly so I can remember these outfits and pull them together again when I don’t know what to wear. Anyone else?

    2.3.18 Reply
  6. Suze:

    Can’t wait for your February reading list and what you thought of “The Last Mrs. Parrish”. Enjoyed your story on Preston&Olivia hats. I also have a larger head (larger brain! Ha,ha,ha!). The straw hats for Spring/Summer are tempting!!!

    2.3.18 Reply
  7. Loved reading the coffee shop list! Thanks for linking tbat! Hope you are feeling better ✨

    2.5.18 Reply
  8. I have not tried cryotherapy, but I did jump in a frozen lake in Finland and I feel like they’re pretty similar.

    2.5.18 Reply