Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend! I have a relaxing weekend ahead which makes me very happy. A massage this afternoon, movie night tonight, museum hopping tomorrow… (all of my favorite “M” words!) I’m trying out a Soundbath meditation at MNDFL tomorrow night. I’m intrigued as it sounds like a great way to wind down. This week was busy! My sister and I shot my whole apartment (I can’t believe it’s finally done, besides one wall!), and I tried lots of new things for this week’s wellness challenge (which you guys are doing so well with, by the way… I LOVE reading everyone’s check-ins!) If you haven’t already, be sure to share how you did and get this week’s challenge… we’re onto week 5, baby! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great… stay warm and cozy!

Loved Nicole Kidman’s article with Vogue – can you believe she’ll be 50?

We all probably need to wear cherries on our ears this year?

Tips + tricks for dealing with difficult clients + projects.

You know how much I rave and rave about Book of the Month. It’s my favorite mail every month and usually I end up picking 2 or 3 books. If you click this link to join, we will both get a free book. (This isn’t sponsored but I figured I’d try and make use of my link since it benefits everyone, haha)

My favorite coat now comes in so many cute colors! (Want the yellow.)

If you’re in your twenties, read this immediately! So much good advice.

Current dream bag.

Signs you could be dating a high conflict person.

How to re-energize yourself at work.

Newly addicted to these matte lip pencils. “Fire” is the perfect bright red!

YUM how good does this soup look?

Such a cute going out sweater. Because it’s too cold for going out tops!

I loved Blair’s take on athleisure!

A reader sent me this sweater as a recommendation (Thanks Katie!) and so I wanted to share it with you guys too. Looks so cozy.

So many of you have asked me for recommendations for affordable art – Mackenzie found a great source!

Loved this outfit on Julia. I have the same sweater and agree – it’s the greatest!!!

As I am on the bustier side I didn’t think I could pull off this little lace bra. I was pleasantly surprised – it’s supremely comfortable and flattering.

Congrats to Jacey on a beautiful new site… loved seeing what beauty goodies she picked up in France! So many favs!

How pretty is this tulip maxi dress!? I want it for my upcoming trip to Cartagena.

How gorgeous is Kat’s closet!?

It’s cuffing season… for friendships, too!

How cute are the little messages on these socks?

I think it needs to be my goal to go to all eight of these New York spas this year? The best kind of bucket list!

Have a fancy event or black tie? This dress is PERFECTION.

Congrats to The Everygirl on their new furniture collab!

If you haven’t already watched this Ted Talk, I highly recommend it… how being bored leads to the best ideas. (I’m reading her book too!)

So curious to try this “nail sticker.” It goes on like polish and peels off like a sticker.

Krista took the words right out of my mouth with her thoughts on Instagram. oof!!!

Love the dramatic sleeves on this top!

The best bags for work at every price.

Ugh I want to go back to Big Sur so badly!

These embroidered tees are so fun!

Carly linked to this Ted Talk about speaking so that people will want to listen, and I found it really helpful!

This little jacket will look good over literally everything.

Really, really into Mandy Moore’s home.

Jenna Lyons’ morning routine.

I love mixing gold and silver and these earrings are so chic!

Feeling bloated? Try these yoga moves.

imple suede pumps… at a great price.

I love my slow cooker and can’t wait to try these recipes!

I’m such a sucker for matching your surroundings. Love this wall/dress combo on Jenn.


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  1. Wait, Nicole Kidman is going to be 50? That’s crazy! Come to think of it, Ellen’s turning 60 too…!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.27.18 Reply
  2. Thanks for the amazing round up Grace! Checking out the sweaters you’re raving about and thoughts on insta.


    1.27.18 Reply
  3. Thanks sweet friend! I really appreciate it!

    1.27.18 Reply
  4. Love this roundup, you always curate the best selections to buy/read/whatever!


    1.28.18 Reply