Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend, friends! But first… a birthday announcement – of sorts! 😉 The Stripe (formerly Stripes & Sequins and before that Perfectionist in Rehab!) turns 8 today. Happy birthday, sweet little blog of mine! I have a low key weekend ahead. Last night I managed a run and stayed in watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel… today I have morning yoga and then a few errands, and tomorrow I have more yoga and + an afternoon shoot. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great.. STAY WARMMM WHY IS IT SO COLD?!

LOVE this gorgeous sweater, and you can wear it two different ways.

I loved reading through the results of Krystal’s reader survey – so interesting!

The prettiest rose colored glasses.

Ten ways to be more positive.

Well, this 23 year old is very inspiring!

Thinking it’s time I finally invest in a jade roller. Anyone else have one? Is it worth it??

This ultra personal post from Orlando really resonated with me because of what he said about loneliness. He is one of my favorites to follow on Instragram and I had no idea he’d gone through such an awful year. 🙁

I probably need this little dress for my Cartagena trip in March!

I totally agree with not taking meetings or calls on Mondays.

Need to try these beauty game changers.

The perfect everyday necklace. Takes the work out of layering!!

Oh boy… more news about the g*ddamn Instagram algorithm.

The cutest little sleep romper – love that color!

Must try this bath!

Will found the perfect small space sofa.

I prob need this leopard coat?

Ellen Pompeo’s interview was so inspiring. Makes me want to start watching Grey’s Anatomy again!

The prettiest, most flattering vacation dress.

Love these tips for clearing a space (I love burning sage and palo santo in my own home).

Jenn made a fun video from this chic Williamsburg hotel.

I’m always hunting for cute tops that won’t break the bank and this one is a winner! (This one, too!)

Considering testing these morning routines..

I splurged on these rainbow kitty loafers this week. No regrets – they’re epic.

I LOVE Blair’s new “notepad” series!

No hangovers here but this cheesy cauliflower soup just sounds so good!

Always love a good wrap top.

It was fun to learn a little more about Carrie in this Q&A!

I ordered this embroidered dress this week and can’t believe it’s only $38.

I just love how Garance writes.

Cool hotels that won’t break the bank.

The tassels on this sunny little coverup are so cute!

Loved seeing what beauty products Mackenzie tried this month.

The coziest fleece ever now comes in a bunch of new colors!

What to prioritize this year, based on your horoscope.

This striped dress looks SO cozy!

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  1. Happy birthday to your lovely blog! ❤️ What a reason to celebrate, eight years is a long time! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.20.18 Reply
  2. Stacey:

    Happy birthday!! Thank you for every moment of joy you’ve brought me for so many years! I wish you endless success for so many more to come!

    1.20.18 Reply
  3. Happy blog birthday! I’ve loved following you from the beginning.

    1.20.18 Reply
  4. Andi:


    Your ten ways to be positive links to a blog written by Neely Moldovan. She was found guilty of defamation for ruining photographers career on her blog and has to pay $1mil back…. I wish you’d research people before linking to them….

    1.21.18 Reply
  5. I try to avoid meetings and calls on Monday if I can. So true. I think that’s the day that is important to catch up on all the things for the week.

    1.21.18 Reply
  6. Absolutely love my jade roller, and the reduced puffiness on my face after use!

    1.21.18 Reply