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weekend reading | 11.25.17 | the stripe

Happy Weekend!!! We are heading back to the city today to (hopefully!) escape some of the madness that we had on Wednesday morning (so. much. traffic.)  It was so nice to be home on the Cape with my family. Family time, staying in PJs all day, eating a LOT, being by the ocean… there’s nothing better! I’m a little sad to get home but this is a busy week so I’m glad that I will have an extra day to get started on holiday decorating and organization before things get really busy!

This sweater is so so cozy – and it’s majorly on sale right now.

I am a little bit late on this one but had to share it as it is just so good. I was feeling a little bit down last weekend and my friend told me to listen to Tracee Ellis Ross’s speech from Glamour Women of the Year. It’s amazing. Listen to it and feel braver + in charge of your own life. I seriously want her as my life coach!!!

Am going to need to see all of these movies pronto!

How gorgeous is this dramatic lace dress? If you have a holiday black tie or formal event, it would be perfect!

I really loved Kathleen’s (realistic!) tips for a less stressful holiday.

And Geri’s tips for a healthier holiday, too!

The perfect boyfriend flannel – for half off!

The rules of attraction.

How pretty is this tasseled dress? It comes in black and red and is on sale this weekend.

These glazed apple cookies sound so delish!

Loved this article about one of my favorite political podcasts.

I’m obsessed with the lace up details on this sweater.

Love Carly’s classic travel style. I mean, we have the same favorite loafers so that helps. (These travel essentials are also very good.)

The prettiest party dress… it comes in so many great colors!

Follow these interior designers.

I NEED to get involved with this handbag brand.

I’m really loving this pretty midi dress – it’s a great price and would be perfect for a holiday dinner!

Makeup tips & tricks if you’re over 30!

You know I love a good faux fur scarf – this one is perfect!

Everyone did a post about gratitude this week, but I thought Kat’s post was particularly moving.

Are you doing these things that will push people away?

Love how J.Crew put a pretty wrap on this striped sweater.

Love these quotes about sisters.

These parrot earrings are SO fun.

How nice does this little weekend escape look!?

Love this cozy blush look on Jenn.

This gorgeous midi dress is stunning – and on sale!

Blair looks so cute in this (ultra dramatic) feminine outfit.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Ah, I’m totally going to make those glazed apple cookies. So delicious!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    11.25.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      they look SO GOOD!

      11.25.17 Reply
  2. Maggie:

    Love the shout out for Pod Save America! I am agonizing over going to see them in Santa Barbara next Friday. There are still tickets left for their live show, but it’s a four hour drive from my house and it doesn’t start until 8pm and I am NOT a night owl. Nor do I want to spend money on a hotel. So basically my choice is to drive 8 hours in one day… or hope they come to some place closer to me next year.

    11.26.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Ooooh that’s such a tough decision! I”m sure it would be amazing but that’s a LOT of driving!!!!

      11.26.17 Reply
  3. Jenn Lake:

    Thanks friend! So glad you had wonderful holiday with the fam!

    11.26.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      my pleasure! Loved your post! xoxo

      11.26.17 Reply
  4. Kat:

    Thank you friend <3 Hope you had the best weekend on the Cape!!!!

    11.26.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      thanks Kat!!! Miss you! xo

      11.27.17 Reply
  5. Carly:

    Thanks so much Grace! Hope you had the best Thanksgiving! xx

    11.26.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      you are so welcome! Same to you!!!

      11.27.17 Reply