Weekend Reading.

Happy Weekend! Okay before we dive in, this photo is just goals. Her dress, those dogs… her shoes… it’s everything. Makes me want to put Tyrion on a leash and get a second cat. (Kidding! Sort of?) I’m in Charleston through tomorrow (just a little 3 day trip) for one of my really good friends’ 40th birthday weekends. It’s crazy to me that we are starting to celebrate 40… I’m turning 36 next week and still can’t quite wrap my head around that! This was a busy week. A few different shoots, a few meetings, and on Wednesday I got a keratin treatment (I am going to write about the process and do a full review once I’ve “lived” with the results). Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great… happy weekend, friends!

I bought this dress and you should too. It’s basically the $75 version of my fav Caroline Constas dress.

I loved Shonda Rhimes’ essay on weight loss and the way that people treat you differently afterward. It’s a must read!

On the decorating front I LOVED this master bedroom inspiration. (I’m still figuring out my own bedroom – not totally excited about it yet).

One of the prettiest lace tops I’ve seen in ages.

Super intriguing: the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice.

Shopbop is calling it “wow-terwear,” which cracks me up, but I think we can all agree – statement coats are the best.

I laughed out loud because Carly and I have the exact same hair story (bald babies, crazy frizzy hair as teens). I didn’t realize we had such similar hair as hers always looks picture perfect. She shared a blowout tutorial and I think I may have to try it to see how it goes.

Serious skincare advice: Thoughts from women over 45 who are in the business.

I have been testing out this foundation and I LOVE it so far.

5 “life changing” iPhone apps.

The cutest military inspired dress is now on sale.

Liz shared ten things that make her happy – I think it’s really important to make lists like this!

Katie always has such pretty instagram stories. Loved her tips for adding custom fonts!

Alice + Olivia has been on fire lately and I just LOVE this dress.

How to turn detox into a lifestyle.

Loooove these slightly crazy – but amazing – fluffy earrings!

Some inspirational words. Love this.

I loved Blair’s Fall coat series; especially this one!

For stronger arms and abs, do this every night before bed.

I know, I know, I need to quit it with the Gossip Girl references but I ordered this metallic trench this week, (inspired by Serena). I only have one more season left to watch so hopefully this obsession ends soon. It’s embarrassing.

How to survive a long flight.

The coziest looking $68 sweater.

Jenn looks stunning in this lace top + jeans.

How to get better eyelashes.

Need this velvet top in my life.

How amazing does Erica’s outdoor movie night look? I want a back yard. #jealous

Probably need this Vince sweater in both colors.

Thank you Man Repeller, this actually made me LOL but also gave me a little inspiration. 12 “easy” street style trends, recreated.

I probably need a blazer now.

This cashmere sweater is basically a mullet. Business in the front; party in the back.

LOVED goop’s fall wardrobe cheat sheet. Lots of good stuff here.

This little structured clutch is so good. I love it in white for something a little unexpected.

Hitha looks gorge in this easy, mom-approved ensemble.

Nicole Kidman’s (free!) beauty trick.

I ordered this mint coat – so chic!

Drooling over Lauren’s photos from the south of France.

This cropped yellow sweater is the perfect way to add a bit of color to your fall wardrobe.

After seeing this inspiration, I can’t wait to see how Will’s master bedroom turns out! Eeeeek!

Mules that look like Gucci, for only $79.

featured image via Collage Vintage who has the best street style round-ups ever!

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    I love Man Repeller! I read the post about the street style trends, made me laugh!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Me too – their content is always really fun and relevant!

      9.25.17 Reply
  2. Janice Stern:

    Oh, the Gossip Girl obsession never ends. I’ve rewatched it more than any other show. The fashion is just so awesome!

    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It will always be my favorite!

      9.25.17 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    Ooh the mint coat is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Right? LOVE.

      9.25.17 Reply
  4. Hitha:

    I’m also on the Gossip Girl binge rewatch and find myself lusting over all the statement coats – or wow-terwear, as you call it. I actually saw a TON at Target (also, affordable and amazing leopard print booties) if you’re looking for more options that won’t break the bank.

    Thank you for sharing my outfit, friend! It’s the easiest thing to throw on, and packs a big punch. Can’t wait to style it up for colder months with a cropped sweater, OTK boots, and maybe a Serena-esque coat?

    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oooh I will have to check out Target’s coats – thank you for the tip, friend!

      9.25.17 Reply
  5. Jenn Lake:

    Thanks so much, friend! Hope you’re having a blast in Charleston!

    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks Jenn!!

      9.25.17 Reply
  6. Dragana Bozic:

    Girl, I’ve been obsessed with Gossip Girl for ten years and counting! Never ends.

    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It really doesn’t!! The best!

      9.25.17 Reply
  7. Will:

    Thanks for sharing my master bedroom post, Grace! 🙂

    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Of course! Love your aesthetic!

      9.25.17 Reply
  8. carrie:

    Thanks for the inclusion once again, Grace!

    Your weekend articles are always a favorite read of mine. Love discovering new people and sites through you. 🙂


    9.23.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      My pleasure!! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      9.25.17 Reply
  9. Sage:

    I must get the app “Level” and “Yummly”! They sound like they could be so helpful! I also read the Shonda Rhimes article. Very thought-provoking… I used to be very thin; I’m more curvy now with more “jiggle”. I’ve actually noticed people treat me differently now that I have more of a butt and more “shtuff” on my face. It’s interesting to think about other people realizing this and what they do about it….

    9.25.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Agreed – that list was so useful!

      9.25.17 Reply