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Fashion week, smashion week. This was a bit of a crazy week. I had a lot of important deadlines, shot three (!!!) videos that will be going live this month + next, and did a few of the fashion week things. Right now, in all honesty, I think I need a juice cleanse/detox. Have any of you tried any good ones? I got a sample of the Super Elixir in a gift bag this week and made it this morning. You might have seen on instagram stories that last night was the Fashion Media Awards (I’m not fancy – I only get invited because my bff plans it). After that was the after party, and after that was the after-after party… Woof. Happily, I have no plans today. It’s time to clean the apartment, get a bit of work done, and maybe watch a few movies.

I know I just said I need a detox but man – how good do these confetti ice cream sandwiches look!?

How fun is the pink collar on this coat? You can take it off  for a more classic look.

I’m so happy that Jen has started a more formal book club series… we have similar taste in books and she features so many that I’ve either read or want to read.

I totally want to make Kat’s lemon ginger slushy – it sounds so yummy

The sweetest little dress – in my favorite color!

This interview with Reese Witherspoon (and her thoughts on ambition!) is a must read.

This satin midi skirt looks designer – but it’s only $45!

Loved this red maxi dress on Mary!

Jacey’s fashion week vlogs are so fun to watch! (Also loved her Instagram hacks.)

As someone who believes leopard to be a neutral, I think I would wear this skirt a LOT.

Totally want to try these DIY honey masks.

I probably need this furry bag. Right!?

Biggest congrats to Mackenzie and Will!

Carly looks so pretty in this olive shirt dress.

This sweater just looks so darn cozy. Free People makes my favorite sweaters.

I hate pumpkin spice but this is for all of you who love it: a cheaper, healthier pumpkin spice latte.

Another day, another cozy sweater but this one is so chic.

Sooo much great NYFW street style happening right now!

Julia’s living room looks SO good!

I’d been looking for a brown leather jacket everywhere and fell in love with this one. It’s perfect. Coming to a blog post soon 😉

This tie-front dress is so dreamy on Jenn.

I went for it… bought these pink pom pom shoes and didn’t look back.

This is an old one but a friend shared it on Facebook and it actually made me laugh out loud… 8 million New Yorkers suddenly realize New York is a terrible place to live.

I loved Jacey’s tips for flying… (and her super chic, casual outfit.)

This swingy little black dress is so great – and flattering!

My friend from high school launched a line of really beautiful hair wraps inspired by Cape Cod!

This $90 stripe dress looks so editorial and would have been perfect for fashion week. Love!

Loved Will’s beach house update!

Love this cozy look on Jess. Need that sweater!

I bought these jeans this week and they are so flattering!

Merritt has such great taste. Love this peek of her home office.

Do you have nice wine glasses? I’m looking for some. Right now I am leaning toward these.

I can’t believe I’m shopping for coats already but I am. Blair rounded up some really cute ones!

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Loved the story with Reese Witherspoon and ambition!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.9.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Me too! One of the best things I read all week!

      9.10.17 Reply
  2. Cy:

    It’s actually scary how many glasses I have, not all for wine. I’ve bought some and inherited a bunch from my grandmother. For stems I have the Reidel burgundy glasses, but most sommeliers will tell you a Boudreaux or a Pinot glass are more versatile. I also bought a set of their stemless viognier glasses in pink( breast cancer limited edition) that I love for wine or cocktails. I entertain often and also lend to friends. I like changing it up when I have a party. It’s fun for me!

    9.10.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I agree – it’s fun to change them up!

      9.10.17 Reply
  3. Cy:

    That Reese interview is amazing! We need everyone woman on board kicking ass like that. Today, more than ever. Also, pretty sure I need that Furla bag too. I bought a beautiful Furla bag in Tuscany one year and carried it until it fell apart.

    9.11.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I so agree. I keep reading and re-reading it!

      9.11.17 Reply
  4. Jennifer:

    YAY! Looking forward to reading alongside you! xoxo

    9.11.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      yay! Same!!!

      9.11.17 Reply
  5. carrie:

    Thanks as always for sharing, Grace! Xo


    9.11.17 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Of course! Always love your work! xx

      9.13.17 Reply