Weekend Reading.

happy weekend friends! I hope you are having a good one. This week was b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I got back from Montauk late Monday and it was just work-work-work upon getting home. But all things I’m super excited about!! Sometimes I laugh at myself for getting so stressed out as a lot of it is self-imposed… but I really do just want to make this blog (and all of my channels) the best that they can possibly be. I’m really excited for what’s to come in the next few weeks… it’s all so fun! This weekend I am rewarding myself by laying low. I have to get my nails done at some point but otherwise I plan on bingeing Ozark and doing a bit of reading. My friend threw a party out in the Hamptons last night… I was so eager to just be home that I came back to the city afterward. Sometimes you just want your own bed!

yummm – this fresh watermelon cocktail looks so good!

I’m obsessed with the color palette of this stripe dress.

A nail trend I’m excited to try.

Blair’s Paris photos have been so fun to see… I loved how she coordinated her stripes to Les Deux Plateaux!

The cozzzziest ($39!) tunic sweater. I foresee myself living in this come Fall.

A challenge: stop fibbing.

I probably need this $90 wrap dress in all four colors.

Totally making these gluten-free breakfast muffins – yummm!

I am always transfixed by other peoples’ skincare routines… it was fun watching Jacey’s morning routine! She’s a girl after my own heart with all those serums and potions.

This striped sweatshirt looks sooooo cozy!

As a single woman in her mid-thirties, Garance Doré’s essay on infertility really hit me hard.

I love the graphic print on this black & white dress.

This might be the best giveaway ever, for a great cause!

Stripes and a big bow… this top is just great.

Were you a teen in the late nineties? If so, read this immediately – it’s everything!!!

goop had a really great, thorough guide to self-tanning.

This ruffle tee is so pretty and it’s only $49.

Do squats really help your butt?

These embroidered heels are SO pretty.

ummmm… I need this bubble van in my life ASAP.

This metallic dress is soooo dreamy on Alicia!

The cutest palm print PJs!

oh my goodness – LOOK at this giant fluffy cat.

Madewell updated their classic army jacket and the new one is soooo good!

Ugh Mercury is in retrograde – here’s what that means.

Mackenzie’s powder room reveal looks amazing. I love that wallpaper!

The ruffles + tie-waist on this blue Parker dress are just the sweetest details.

6 amazing women to watch now!!!

This lace dress reminds me so much of the one I wore in Thursday’s post… and it’s only $80!

I was obsessed with this top on Jenn – and it turns out it’s a scarf! So cool – and so expertly styled.

Advice I should follow: how to get better at networking.

I’ve found myself surprisingly into bodysuits (they’re great with skirts and anything high-waisted. This ruffled one is fab.

This is the cutest outfit ever on Carrie – I am obsessed with every single thing she’s wearing!

Remember those bow sneakers I wore on insta a while back? They sold out so quickly but these are almost identical!

Did you see these eye makeup looks from MAC? I’m a total failure at makeup but think this one is sooo pretty!

I’m really loving Liz’s new Q&A Series!!!

Simple strappy sandals.

My favorite instagram account right now.

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  1. The matte nail trend looks nice! I’d love to try it too, but I’m too lazy to maintain my nails, haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.19.17 Reply
  2. Thanks friend! Hope you have a perfectly relaxing weekend!

    8.19.17 Reply
  3. Happy Saturday! That watermelon cocktail sounds amazing.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    8.19.17 Reply
  4. I loved the essay on infertility. I read it with tears in my eyes. There is so much pressure to have kids no matter the cost (financially, emotionally, physically). At the age of 36, I froze my eggs. It immediately lifted a weight off my shoulders. I’ll be 41 on Monday and have two little ones that I love. I didn’t end up using my frozen eggs, but I’ve never once regretted it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

    8.19.17 Reply
    • Aw it made me tear up as well. Thank you for sharing, Erica! Hope you had a great weekend.

      8.20.17 Reply
  5. Love the networking post as well as the prosecco van!

    The rest I will read this evening!

    Have a great week, Grace!

    8.20.17 Reply
  6. Maggie:

    I love that cat!!

    8.20.17 Reply
  7. THANK YOU so much for linking our giveaway :))) We’ve had a great response so far but hearing your praise made me so ridiculously happy!

    8.20.17 Reply
  8. Thanks for sharing my post, Grace!
    PS: I need that striped sweatshirt.

    Pink Champagne Problems

    8.20.17 Reply
  9. Love the powder room! Everything looks so put together and fresh.

    8.21.17 Reply