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If you have your health, you have everything.  My dad reminded me of this during the week.  It was one of those crazy weeks and I finally had the chance to catch-up with my dad.  As we were winding down our chat, he told me that one of our close family friends who has been battling cancer isn’t doing so well.  “If you have your health, you have everything,” my dad said.  He’s said this before and while of course I agree, I can’t say I honestly take those words to heart.  Always focused on crossing things off of my to-do list… always moving forward… often stressed… often complaining.  When really, I should feel lucky for what I have.  Just something to think about.  Keep our friend in your thoughts and prayers.  Whew.  On a far less serious note, here are my favorite things from this week.

smart thoughts on DIYing.  agree, wholeheartedly.

gorgeous lace pumpkins.

best stress relief ever.

nutz 4 coconut oil… (and ordered this body butter.)

pumpkin milkshakes #nom

oh how i love elephants!

obsessed with my new cheetah coat!

already have my costume but must do this next year!

drooling over these homemade caramels.

some good thoughts:  joy vs. happiness and being informed.

and, just in case you missed it… this week’s hardware store DIY.

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  1. Denise Atwood:

    I missed the post form Vmac & Cheese on Joy and Happiness and I loved reading it, thanks for sharing! xo

    10.29.12 Reply