Weekend Reading.

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you had a great week. My week was alright. I had a stomach bug so I pretty much laid low. I finally started to feel better yesterday – hallelujah!… I spent the day getting caught up on work, had a long catch-up on the phone with my dear friend Molly (just adore her), and did a little bit of cleaning/finally took down my Christmas tree (I know… I just loved it so much). My new intern Jenna starts on Monday (hooray!) and we will be working from my tiny apartment, so I need the space to look good/be conducive for both of us to work. I’m really looking forward to having some help! One perk of being sick this week was that I finally read Valley of the Dolls (so good, but so messed up as well). I was on such a kick that I watched the movie, too. This weekend I’m going to the movies with a friend… and going dress shopping! Next weekend I will be in LA for the SAG Awards (pinch me) and so I need a gown!

10 things professional organizers are obsessed with. (I found so many great ideas!!)

Would you ever take a train ride across the country? It kind of seems like an amazing thing to do… feeling tempted.

In an effort to up my Snapchat game I watched this video and ordered this remote!

Julia is so cute in this all pink pink outfit!

Kat shared some gorgeous winter outfit inspiration. She has the best coat collection!

I love the suede bows on these Ulla Johnson slides.

How dreamy is Mackenzie’s Dallas bedroom?

How pretty are the puff sleeves on this little white dress!?

Meditation is something I’ve been wanting to try. Loved reading Meghan’s experience.

Loved Liz’s fitness advice.

I ordered this snuggly looking cardigan from Free People – so cozy looking!

Um… when can I move in?

This Veronica Beard jacket is not my usual style but I can’t stop thinking about it. It would be a fun way to update my usual feminine dresses for Spring.

I loved these photos of Blair in Charleston.

I have so many silk scarves but am never totally sure how to wear them. I love how Molly styled her bright silk scarf.

Loved Hallie’s cozy (but not shapeless) sweater dress.

This striped shirtdress is so cute and right now it is 50% off with code NOEXCUSES.

How fun are Carrie’s La La Land inspired picks?

The cutest $90 dress ever.

Not only did my friend Jess totally rebrand + redesign her site… she also put together a very comprehensive post full of blogging advice.

Not Slytherin!!! These Obama/Biden memes make me so happy.

I can’t believe this cotton tunic sweater is only $23. Howww?

Bad news about canned soup. (A good reason to make your own!!)

Cozy stripes in a rainbow of blush hues.

Caroline looks so pretty in this dreamy floral maxi.

Jess breaks down how to get the perfect beach waves using a wand. And yes… sadly I did break her curling iron a few years ago… eek!

This wrap is the perfect shade of blue… + you could wear it now and then in the Spring as well. I love it so much.

How fun is Gray Malin’s new red carpet series?

I pinned almost all of this striped wallpaper inspiration… love!

photo via Unsplash.

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  1. Can’t wait to read all of these articles when I get home, really interested in the first one, hope it’ll help me too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.21.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Oh good! I hope you enjoy them, Charmaine! xoxo

      1.23.17 Reply
  2. Those Biden memes are hilarious! So excited for you are your trip to LA!

    1.21.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Thank you Jenn! I hope you had a great weekend! xoxoxox

      1.23.17 Reply
  3. Jessica:

    The cross-country train ride. I did it when I was little and had a blast. My parents did it again when I lived in NY. Seattle to NY, during one of the worst blizzards in the U.S. The train was stopped several times in the Rockies so they could clear the tracks. Then the pipes froze on the train, so no running water from Montana to Chicago. Then they were trapped in Chicago for over a day, sitting on the floor of train station until Amtrak put them up in a hotel. They finally arrived exhausted, two days overdue. Thankfully the trip home was uneventful, and they enjoyed it! But yeah…the train is great! LOL

    1.21.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Oh my gosh – wow – what a STORY!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I would be so scared/nervous.

      1.23.17 Reply
  4. Definitely checking out the organization article- sounds right up my alley haha!


    1.21.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hope you enjoy! I ordered so many of their little tricks (those clear shelf dividers!!)

      1.23.17 Reply
  5. Maggie:

    Loved the article about taking the train across the country!

    1.22.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      It was such a fun read! Thanks for commenting, Maggie – I hope you had a great weekend!

      1.23.17 Reply
  6. Always grateful for your kind link love, hun. Have the best week ahead (and stay warm and dry in this storm today!) xo

    1.23.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Thanks Will! My pleasure – your content is always among my favorites. Hope you had a great weekend! xx

      1.23.17 Reply
  7. Snapchat is my absolute favorite! You’ll love connecting with your readers on it!

    The Style Scribe

    1.24.17 Reply
  8. Let’s go to Inscape together sometime soon! It’s such a nice intro to meditation!

    1.24.17 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Yes please!!!

      1.24.17 Reply