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Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is just fifteen days away? I kind of can’t believe it… but I can’t wait to be home on Cape Cod with my family. This week flew by for me and I’m sure the next two weeks will probably pass just as quickly. I decided not to send holiday cards this year which made me feel a little bit like a Grinch… but I will be better next year! When you don’t have a family and/or a husband, sending a card with just you on it feels a little bit sad… and with all of my recent travel, something just had to give! On a less Grinch-y note… how great is this holiday commercial!?! Have you seen it? It’s one of the best I’ve seen… (but also, Mrs. Claus is a total badass). Here in New York, I am preparing for next week’s polar vortex. (Oof) How do I prepare? Lots of cozy layers, tea, and leaving my apartment as little as possible!!! I talked a little bit about my fav shows to binge-watch in yesterday’s newsletter but I’m a total TV addict and really excited to dive into Westworld! What are you watching right now? (My absolute favorite right now is This is Us – it’s filled the void that Parenthood left… I cry at every episode!!)

A huge huge props to my friend Molly who designed the most gorgeous travel wrap! I am pretty sure that I need one.

Wowowow – pretty sure I need to go to Iceland – Julia’s photos are positively dreamy!!!

This is one of the best small spaces I’ve ever seen. Everything about it is just perfect.

I scooped up this cozy flounce dress on sale this week. Such a good basic!

This makes me want to take up painting.

No shade to Williams-Sonoma (I’m a huge fan) but this had me crying with laughter.

Not sure if I could pull it off, but I can’t stop thinking about this ruffled top from SEA.

I really want to see this documentary.

My sweater (above!) is so cozy, comes in 3 colors, and just went on sale for $23.40. Seriously. GO get it!!

For the animal lovers in the house… this prank had me laughing so, so hard.

Did you see Pantone’s 2017 color of the year? I’m a fan!

How pretty is this blouse? The price is pretty great, too… only $51!

I loved this thoughtful post from Mackenzie.

I rarely buy fragrance but I smelled Jo Malone Red Roses on a girlfriend this week and immediately bought the small bottle for myself. It smells incredible!

Three easy holiday cookie recipes to make now!

I loved Victoria’s goals + thoughts on focus. I need to do the same thing.

If you have a vacation coming up, you probably need this pom-pom coverup. It’s just so cute!!!

Christine’s post made me remember my leather leggings…. (this pair is my fav and they are on sale right now!) Her styling tips were (per usual) spot on.

I am completely obsessed with the back of this striped top. (Really loved this one, too!)

This laid back, casual outfit is super cute on Mara… I love her sweater!

How gorgeous is Will’s bedroom makeover!?

Loved this winter outfit on Kat… she makes “bundled” look so good!!!

This fleecy top is the best… like a hybrid between sweater + sweatshirt. It’s so cozy and it’s finally back in stock in all colors (and only $39). I have the grey one and ordered the black one this week!

As someone who suffers from a dry scalp, I loved these tips.

Kisses + stripes… yes!

Are you mispronouncing these fashion brands? I had a few wrong… eek! It’s air-maze, not air-mezz!

I met this dog at a party on Thursday and I am just obsessed with him. He looks like a little lion cub.

Above photo by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Cy:

    Yes!yes!yes! That commercial is everything. This is us, the new parenthood. Obsessed with Westworld. Order the cozy sweater top from Nordie’s and the pink fur clutch from another gift post. Can’t wait to see that documentary too. Have a great weekend. Thanks Grace ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12.10.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      So glad you got the sweater! How are you liking it so far?? It’s one of my faves 🙂

      12.10.16 Reply
      • Cy:

        I just ordered it and that cute pink fur clutch. It should be here in a few days, I’ll let you know. I might get one for my sissy for her birthday coming up in January. The WS article was funny. I love going in to our local at Christmas time it’s so cozy. It’s a vintage building right downtown and very charming. But some of those prices. I was looking at that American girl cooking set and I couldn’t understand why it was so pricey!

        12.11.16 Reply
        • graceatwood:

          Ooooh okay! For some reason I thought you ordered it a while back! Silly me. Def let me know… I love mine!!
          American Girl cooking set… why on earth is that necessary? So funny! Thanks as always for commenting, Cy – hope you had a great weekend! xo

          12.12.16 Reply
  2. You know I love your weekend articles!

    – That WS article had me rolling with laughter!

    – I love that SEA lace ruffle top too.

    – Thanks for mentioning our cookies. 🙂


    12.10.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      I could see you wearing that SEA top and looking amazing in it!
      And of course – loved the recipes!! xx

      12.10.16 Reply
  3. Thanks so much again for the lovely words about my bedroom makeover! I need to watch This Is Us, everyone seems to be raving about it!

    12.11.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      You are so welcome! And please drop whatever you are doing and start watching immediately! It is the BEST!!!!

      12.11.16 Reply
  4. Mandy:

    I speak French and it actually IS pronounced air-mezz … air-maze is the Americanized pronunciation!

    12.11.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Ahhh that is so good to know! Thanks for clarifying. In that case, I will continue to say air-mezz… air-maze sounds funny to me!!!

      12.12.16 Reply
  5. Just two weeks until Christmas; seriously, where is December disappearing to? Thanks so much for the link to Victoria’s post – really great to think back on how you’ve tackled the year and think about how you can make 2017 more awesome. Have a fantastic week, Grace!

    Diary of a Would-Be Gallerist

    12.12.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      I really don’t know!! It’s totally crazy. Thank you for commenting – hope you had a great weekend! (Great name, BTW!!!) 😉

      12.12.16 Reply