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Hola from Mexico! I’m enjoying my last day in Cabo. It’s been a hectic but fun few days. We’ve seen so many incredible properties here, and been lucky enough to enjoy a film every evening as part of the Los Cabos Film Festival. Last night we saw Snowden – oh my gosh, it was SO good!!! Killer cast and such an interesting plot. Afterward, I was up late reading up on Edward Snowden. The story is really fascinating. I’m really looking forward to sharing a proper travel journal with you upon my return but in the meantime I have been snapping + instagramming up a storm! I’m trying to enjoy the last bits of the trip… I have a busy week upon my return home – the L’Oreal Women of Worth awards + surrounding events for it, and my capsule collection for Ben-Amun (a tiny sneak peek here) launches on Wednesday!

I was interviewed on the Oribe blog this week. Oribe is one of my FAV haircare brands (their products smell like heaven!) so I was really thrilled to be featured.

Two must-reads: First, Victoria’s essay on privilege and remedies (probably one of the best things I’ve read all week)… I also loved Heather’s take on the election – I share her views, it’s important to remember that we are all one team.

I packed this little white dress for Cabo and have gotten so many compliments on it! As an added bonus, it’s comfy + not at all constricting.

This was a fun read: The Economics of Dining as a Couple.

Because everyone needs a cashmere poncho… and this one is on sale for under $100!

I loved reading Meg’s thoughts about nine years of blogging! I’m two years behind her but could relate to so much of what she said. Also: her dress!

I’m so excited for my friend Kat and her new project.

One of the prettiest pairs of statement earrings I’ve seen.

I mentioned it earlier this week but I was completely obsessed with The Crown on Netflix. So naturally, this little bit of humor made me laugh.

Joie makes the comfiest heels – love the tassel wrap on these pumps!

I really loved Geri’s post – 7 ways to spread love. Because that’s our job. Even just the tiniest acts of love add up. So… do them.

Leopard, red, + the cutest bag… this outfit on Blair is just perfect!

Topshop has the cutest stuff lately! I love the lace details on this sweater.

It made me happy that Krystal also shared her thoughts on the election. I thought she was very eloquent + inspiring… really love everything she wrote.

A fun take on the classic white shirt. (Loved this one too)

How to beat the Sunday Scaries.

Loved this cozy look on Meghan.

This cozy cashmere oversized sweater looks wayyyyyy more expensive than it actually is.

I always love hearing what other people do to stay in shape and I loved seeing Liz’s journey.

The cutest fall dress (pair with cognac boots!) for under $100!

As a small-space dweller, I LOVED the photos of this 525 square foot apartment. Isn’t it dreamy?

Because it’s getting cold: 5 soup recipes to warm you up!

My favorite earrings now come in thirteen colors! I want to collect ’em all…

Looking for a new winter coat? Read this!

Over-the-knee boots… for a great price.

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  1. Maggie says 11.12.16

    Really great link roundup this week, thank you.

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      So happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Brittany says 11.12.16

    so much good stuff to read- excited to start watching the crown, maybe british rule wouldn’t be so bad…

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      Ahhhhh jealous that you are just starting it, it’s SO GOOD!!! I can’t wait for season 2. 🙂

  3. Jenn Lake says 11.12.16

    Glad to hear you’re having a great time in Mexico! Have a nice Saturday!

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      Thank you Jenn! Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Cy says 11.12.16

    Great things here. Loved Heather’s post and feel the same as San Francisco is also a very diverse city and we are richer for it.Happy weekend!

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      Thank you so much, Cy! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Cy says 11.12.16

    The Queen! Love her!

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      Agreed! 😉

  6. Kat says 11.12.16

    Thank you love now come home!!! 😉 XO

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      On my way back now! 😉 xoxo

  7. Victoria says 11.12.16

    Wow, thanks for linking to me and saying that about my post. Everything is so highly charged right now that I won’t lie, I was hesitant to write it. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it…and more importantly, that you’re feeling rested and a little more at peace on the heels of the Cabo trip. Heart you.

    • graceatwood says 11.13.16

      I loved it so much. Things have been a little hectic over here with the press trip but I read it and wanted to leave a lengthy comment… the best I could do was link to you! It was an incredible post and summed up so much of what I wish I could have said! Heart you back! xo

  8. Emma says 11.13.16

    The Sunday Scaries link is one about having an olympian as a brother

  9. Meg Biram says 11.14.16

    TYSM for the link Grace!! xx

    • graceatwood says 11.14.16

      My pleasure! And congrats! xo

  10. Meghan says 11.14.16

    Thank you for including my post, friend! Also loved Meg B.’s thoughts on 9 years of blogging – 10 for me next month and already mentally penning that post!!

    • graceatwood says 11.16.16

      My pleasure! Heart you! xo