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Grace x The Daily 4 Days in France1
consider this your first peek at my France photos!

Hi from Southampton! Yeah, yeah, I know. Gone again! The travel is getting laughable at this point. I got back from France, slept in my bed for two nights, and then headed East! After this weekend’s adventure I am staying put for a bit. I’m really excited to get back into my usual swing of things. A fridge packed full of healthy snacks, my big fluffy bed and lots of books, kitty snuggles, and finally seeing my long-lost friends (I have not seen so many of my close girlfriends in ages and that makes me so sad)! Everything has felt so rushed lately and I don’t quite feel like myself. Alas, this weekend, I am in South Hampton with Lesportsac and my best friend. I am taking over their Snapchat and we have a fun weekend ahead of us so be sure to follow along! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab! Xoxo

On My Radar: New York:

  • I’m so behind the times here but I’m dying to go to Magnum’s Ice Cream Bar in Soho. 200,000 flavor combinations.. enough said!
  • I higggghly recommend checking out the Stuart Davis exhibit at The Whitney – I’m such a huge fan of his work, especially the New York pieces.

On My Radar: Everywhere:

  • Have you heard of Polder? While in France, I learned about them via my new friend Lindsey. So many gorgeous pieces… I want them all!


My Top 15 Links from the Week:

  1. Because I desperately need to upgrade my workout gear… the best sports bras.
  2. The #Nsale is still going strong. Every time I look I find something else I want. Right now it’s this cute tunic! Wear it to the beach or with white jeans.
  3. During my trip to France I met Alden. She is awesome and has a blog about all things sustainable + good for you. She’s a serious wealth of information, and I am so glad I stumbled upon her post about non-toxic sunscreens – it’s worth a read!
  4. Did you read this NY Times Op Ed piece? I thought it was interesting. Why men want to marry Melanias and raise Ivankas.
  5. Made me laugh – how to be less threatening at work.
  6. Mmmm… this watermelon salad looks amazing!
  7. I kinda love the idea of summer velvet. This blush midi skirt is pretty dreamy.
  8. How to trick yourself into being a better saver.
  9. Agree with this piece x 1,000: the importance of girl time.
  10. I got SO many compliments on this dress when I first wore it, and it sold out. It’s back… and under $70! Can’t say enough good things – just size up if you get it!
  11. Mmmmm… 19 French dessert recipes that sound just delicious! I bookmarked this after my trip.
  12. I’m so in love with this little white dress. The back is really gorgeous.
  13. I loved reading Mackenzie’s nighttime skincare routine… we share so many of the same favorite products.
  14. For the Gossip Girl fans (sorry, had to).
  15. Finally ordered these sandals. Aren’t they just so pretty?

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  1. Regine Karpel:
    7.30.16 Reply
  2. Casey:

    Longtime reader who is disappointed to see a link to an Ivanka product. I know your blog isn’t a place to be political, but c;monnnnnn…

    7.30.16 Reply
  3. Love all your links! Thanks for sharing girl!

    7.30.16 Reply
  4. Loved the DFR feature! SO good!

    7.30.16 Reply