Weekend Reading, 2.4.23.

Weekend Reading 2.4.23
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Happy weekend. I am having a slow and sleepy weekend over here… just getting caught up on rest, work, and chores after being away for the first half of the week. I’m having a little bit of New York withdrawal to be honest… sometimes I feel like my heart is stretched across three places: LA (boyfriend, beaches, sushi), Charleston (family, house, friends, weather, living in the prettiest place), and New York (friends + all my old favorite spots). I need to be better at going back more. Sentimentality aside, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Weekend Reading, 2.4.23

What a list: 67 of the most anticipated books of 2023. I went through and ordered a few.

I love the lines of the chunky sweater.

On the link between mental health and workaholism.

On the power of movement.

I just ordered this swimsuit for my trip to Belize. So pretty, right?

All the best new releases coming at us over the next two weeks (cannot wait for season 4 of You!).

I just got this pretty new workout set (top + leggings).

The best books of February.

I am with Paul Rudd on this one…

How fun is this woven neoprene tote? Love the yellow.

Looking to do a little shopping? Check out these Black-owned fashion + beauty brands and these Black-owned home decor brands.

I really enjoyed Thomas’s coffee tips!

Hello green coat of my dreams.

Loving this wallpaper trend.

The world’s best joggers are back in all colors (and on sale in a few!).

On the glory of dining alone.

Did you see Via Carota’s new pre-made cocktails? I’m sad that they don’t ship to South Carolina.

The 36 most beautiful places in Italy.

I ordered these green printed shorts this week, feel like they’ll be perfect for vacation.

LOVE this Superbowl ad campaign… we need more!

Sweetgreen salad tips.

These sneakers are always cool, always classic, and under $100.

Wow, I love this historic pre-war Upper West Side apartment.

A classic shaker sweater at a great price.

The ultimate guide to Mexico City.

Loved this: bring back personal blogging.

Oooh, why do I think this puff sleeve dress is going to be our new Anthro obsession? It’s so fun!

Found myself nodding my head reading Carly’s post about taking care of herself.

Angkor Wat is still one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. Now I want to go back and stay here.

On rediscovering the joy of play.

I just ordered this sweet little midi dress. The colors are so pretty.

36 hours in Bangkok!

You know I love this asymmetrical green dress. If you have a spring wedding, it would be pretty perfect.

How to keep your friendships strong, even when life is hectic.

This gingery chicken noodle soup sounds incredible.

This Amazon dress is SO cute and a great price. Reminds me a lot of the Farm Rio one I love.

On getting a reservation at those impossible to get into restaurants.

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  1. Vivian:

    Your post and the one below on CoJ resonated with me on places that have our heart. ❤️


    2.4.23 Reply
  2. Rachael:

    That l hotel in Cambodia…
    Aren’t a bunch of bloggers organizing trips? Could this be our Striper trip?!

    2.4.23 Reply
    • Hahaha, that would be incredibly expensive and the idea of planning a group trip like some bloggers do stresses me.. It looks amazing though, bucket list for sure!

      2.4.23 Reply
  3. Laura:

    Always love this post as a slow start to my weekends while drinking coffee & watching some TV in the background!

    2.4.23 Reply
  4. Hailey Keeser:

    I love these roundups, I always savor them before getting out of bed on Saturday!

    2.4.23 Reply