Weekend Reading | 2.29.20

Weekend Reading | 2.29.20
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Hi + happy Leap Day! This was a good week. It’s funny how much you appreciate your health after you are sick! It felt so good to be productive and feel healthy again – last week was rough. This weekend I am verrrry excited because I am doing a little staycation at The Four Seasons in the city. My friend Jackie is visiting from SF so it makes for the perfect girls’ night. This week’s highlights included dinner at American Bar (SO delicious and great design, it’s kinda like a beachy downtown Polo Bar), watching the Love is Blind finale (can’t wait for the reunion this week, lol!), recording with two big guests for the pod (Tara Foley + Sallie Krawcheck). Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great! xo

Weekend Reading | 2.29.20

Holy moly, these organization tricks are actually really, really smart and clever!

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Fellow Love is Blind fans will like these: how the dating process actually worked, And… are the weddings actually legal!?

Mmmm… Dunkin’s new snackable bacon sounds QUITE delightful.

I had really wanted plastic birkenstocks last year but they sold out! They’re back… I went for orange!

I can’t wait for Athena Calderone’s book. This feature in Vogue is gorgeous.

Newly obsessed with this sweatshirt and these joggers… the perfect (blush pink, or try another color!) sweatsuit for travel!

The best anti aging products… from the drugstore!

I loved Alison’s (hilarious, well-written) take on what a blogger’s schedule really looks like.

Really love the sweet lace details on this pretty pajama set.

The science of why you need a vacation!

I picked up this really cute wrap/coverup dress for vacation. I love it so much!

Miso pesto + ramen – YUM!

On overcoming loneliness.

Love the neckline of this sweet summery dress. In plus sizes here!

Love how Sephora is implementing new standards for CBD.

Need this fruit salad sweatshirt in my life immediately!

Did you see Taylor Swift’s video for her song The Man? It made me laugh – especially the “in 58 years” bit and the line at the end.

All about peptides!

LOVE the tassels on this embroidered top. Feels like something you’d buy on vacation.

OMG – a pastry chef attempts gourmet Combos.

Very into tie-dye at the moment and this vintage T is perfect.

The best true crime documentaries on Netflix.

11 fast dinners for when you just don’t have the energy.

This little cardigan is one of my favs right now. It’s super cute tucked into jeans!

Where to find the best affordable jewelry.

This $40 floral dress is so cute. Obviously my favorite pattern is the green! Also loved this one in white– only $30. SO cute – I bought it for my upcoming warm weather trips.

10 plus size bloggers to follow!

This essay was deeply relatable for me: “Hi from your childless friend!

My absolute fav dress (I don’t say this lightly: I have in black, pink, + yellow print!) comes in so many new colors. I am so glad they finally made it in white; So I ordered immediately!

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    You always have such exciting weekend plans, Grace! Have fun at the Four Seasons and thank you for the links! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.29.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks Charmaine!

      3.1.20 Reply
  2. Heather:

    In response to this weeks podcast, please educate yourself on the flu shot! Someone with your platform should TRY not to spread misinformation about something so important, I would hope it’s something you will address next episode or have a health professional on the podcast to clear up any misconceptions, because you’re not the only one.

    2.29.20 Reply
  3. Meg:

    Hi Grace!
    I love these posts – reading your blog is part of my Saturday morning routine.
    Have fun at the Four Seasons! 🙂

    2.29.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I am so happy to hear that!!! And thank you – we had such a nice stay! xo

      3.1.20 Reply
  4. Michelle:

    I wonder if your favorite dress would look good on someone with a large chest ? Thank you

    2.29.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I am honestly not sure, especially without knowing how tall you are! One thing I will say is that the dresses are sized for length, not width (because without the belt, it’s just a giant sack!) So I think it depends, especially with how you belt it. I think it could work, but the high neckline and belt might not be great. Apologies for being vague I just don’t know!

      3.1.20 Reply