Weekend Reading, 2.26.22.

Weekend Reading 2.26.22

This week was heavy. I feel sad and powerless and ended up just taking it really easy yesterday. I read an entire (very distracting) book and then I watched a romcom (I Want You Back on Amazon with Jenny Slate – TBH I didn’t love it but it was cute enough). It will probably be more of that over the weekend… just resting and relaxing and trying not to do too much doomscrolling. I hope you are able to do the same thing… and if you’re feeling heavy and downtrodden too, I’m sending you a giant hug. Xo

Weekend Reading, 2.26.22

Meaningful ways to help Ukraine.

I got this green Mille dress this week and it’s everything. The perfect easy dress.

A fun read: How a Book Gets Made.

Why reaching your goals doesn’t always feel good.

This tinted serum is one of the best beauty products I’ve tried in ages.

The best stuff to stream right now.

I totally missed the new Slim Aarons (he’s my fav) coffee table book (more favs here) but bought it this week for a fun escape.

How one woman learned to love romance novels.

How to make pizza at home.

This blue & white dress is so pretty (the belt!) and a great price. I like this one a lot too.

Texas isn’t the problem. The people running it are.

This pretty midi dress looks like Ulla Johnson (but for a lot less).

I loved this article on how set designers choose beauty products for characters’ bathrooms.

I want a tropical getaway!

One of my favorite body creams, especially for firming!

How to care for your skin before, after, and during a flight.

This little mini dress is so pretty and fun.

Anthropologie has way too many good dresses right now.

I love this maximalist townhome.

Game of Thrones locations you can visit IRL. I’ve been to a few!

How fun are these gold Nike sneakers?

I really enjoyed this interview with Jenna Lyons.

I love a good one pan meal!

And I didn’t realize Pachinko has been made into a TV show. I loved the book… I’m looking forward to this!

The space dye pattern on this puff sleeve sweater is really pretty.

Healthy lunch ideas.

I really love this balloon sleeve cardigan. The details are incredible. I bought the pale yellow this week.

How to send food back without being a jerk.

This bedroom makeover is pretty incredible.

I love the bold stripes (and the back!) of this t-shirt.

This Brooklyn home is beyonddd, wow.

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photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. Kate:

    Hi Grace! Your weekend reading is always a bright spot in my weekend, especially in these difficult times. Book-wise, I just finished Anatomy of a Scandal (saw it listed on one of your links about books-to-be-shows); it was excellent. And also, A Familiar Sight. Both up your alley, I think. cheers

    2.27.22 Reply
  2. Zoe Jackson:

    Thank you for posting the Vogue article about Texas. I am a lifelong Texas and I, like so many others I know in this state, continue to be outraged by our state government. While of course there are some backwards people in this state, I truly believe we would be a blue state if it weren’t for the blatant gerrymandering put in place by our government. It makes me feel so sad and hopeless that our government continues to abuse and disenfranchise its own citizens. Part of me would love to move to a more progressive state but another part of me wants to stay in Texas and make it better. This is my home and for all its faults, it’s also a beautiful, fun, and diverse state. It makes me sad that the media makes us all out to be so backwards when it’s so much more nuanced than that. Thank you for understanding this and sharing the article with your followers.

    2.28.22 Reply