Weekend Reading, 2.12.22

Weekend Reading 2.12.22

Happy weekend! I am back in Charleston, after a week away in LA and then New York. It was such a great trip – I saw so many friends and made some really good progress with the design of my Sarah Flint shoe. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday so we had a little birthday dinner last night. This weekend is going to be very very low key. It feels really good to be home and I am looking forward to some quiet time. I am behind on chores and life admin, but what I really feel like doing is watching all of the movies (this is a great resource for streaming all the Oscar noms but of course I will also be watching Inventing Anna – I’ve been waiting so long for it!). Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s wonderful, restful, restorative, etc! Xoxo

Weekend Reading, 2.12.22

Did you see these viral cartoons about parenting double standards?

Fully obsessed with this little lace dress. Now just need an occasion to wear it!

The best books to read for Black history month.

Long distance friendship ideas.

Very tempted by this green and white workout set (sports bra and leggings).

Financial wellness tips one editor wishes she knew in her 20s.

The perfect stripe tee does not ex–

How to cope if you are feeling sad on Valentine’s Day.

Recently opened New York hot spots – bookmarked this for my next trip.

I ordered this amazing green fringe dress on my friend Chassity’s recommendation – just LOVE it!

I loved and really related to this article about midlife friendships.

Brinker & Eliza’s new arrivals are seriously stunning:

A few favorites are this incredible strand of freshwater pearls, these super fun mix + match earrings, and this beaded necklace (the opal one!).

Why book banning is back (ugh!).

How to build a better relationship with your boss.

This puff sleeve dress is really pretty and a great price.

Loved this chic kitchen makeover.

Such a good, cozy pullover.

25 famous women share their guilty pleasures and favorite indulgences.

Oooh yay, a new Sally Rooney TV show!

Stine Goya has also become a favorite brand and this top is perfection.

Laura Dern’s best beauty moments.

Oh this lace kimono is so pretty!

6 standout Black History month tours.

Wow, this restaurant looks to be reason enough to plan a trip to Houston. It’s perfect.

This initial blanket is so cool – and looks way more expensive than its under $100 price point.

Rainy day recipes for when you don’t want to leave the house.

How amazing is this raffia and pearl pot-shaped purse? I love.

Loved this and completely agree: stop worrying and use your fancy china.

Librarian approved tips for upgrading your bookshelf.

I love a good statement skirt and this one from Staud is so pretty.

Ten underrated romcoms to watch.

Wow – look what happened when this parrot stole a Go Pro.

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photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. Mary:

    I think I clicked on every single link included — Thanks as always for compiling such a great list of of links from around the web. Enjoy the weekend and downtime!

    2.12.22 Reply
  2. Shana:

    March is SO tasty! The attention to detail from decor to food is next level 🙂

    2.12.22 Reply
  3. Regarding the viral comic strip, the one that has always really annoyed me is when someone says the dad is babysitting. Huh, isn’t it his kid? That doesn’t and never will be considered babysitting in my mind. The restaurant in Houston is amazing. I thought the tapeststry was a living wall at first because the colors are so vibrant. The purse stool is genius. Love the ice buckets and gorgeous glassware. It is a feast for your eyes and hopefully the food is just as great. Did you not swoon when you saw the designer use of your sister’s wallpaper? Gorgeous greens.

    2.12.22 Reply
  4. Grace G.:

    Yes, Grace- come to Houston!!

    2.13.22 Reply
  5. Love the weekend reading every week! I email it to myself so I can open 15 tabs from all the articles I want to open lol

    2.13.22 Reply
  6. Flynne:

    Please plan a visit to Houston! It is such an underrated city!

    2.13.22 Reply