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this photo makes me wish i were home on cape cod!


Happy long weekend, friends!!! I hope you are doing something fabulous and fun. I have a few fun plans but am mostly just bumming around the city. A BBQ today, a picnic tomorrow, and a little exploring on Monday. And a few workout classes with my favorite workout buddy, Kat. This week was really weird. I was very busy but just felt totally off my game. Tired, disorganized, out of sorts. I immediately blamed Mercury being in retrograde but that’s not the case. It helped to know that several of my friends were experiencing the exact same thing… something’s in the air! Last night I stayed in (binge watching Blindspot… so good!) and felt a lot better afterward. Sometimes you just need a day or evening of laziness to get back on track. Anyway, I digress: here are my favorite things from the week!!

PS – I was lucky enough to get to attend the opening of this art exhibit this week… if you are in Manhattan, it’s worth checking out!!

Barneys just marked a ton of stuff by 40%. Epic sale!!!

Yikes… a scary read about nailpolish.

Need this pineapple necklace!

Adore this classic look on Kat. Her BAG!!!! OMG is all I have to say.

How pretty is this off-the-shoulder cutout top? It’s under $100, too!

Kinda obsessed with this hangover sweatshirt.

The one thing you always need at a party… + summer entertaining tips!

I’m doing a bit of redecorating and can’t stop thinking about these fluffy stools. May need to do a DIY version.

Did you see Charm & Chain’s new jewelry collection? Want it all, especially that flamingo pin and this epic statement necklace.

A good read on the Internet’s pressure to quit your day job. While I did ultimately do just that, I also think everyone’s paths are different. The comments are great, too.

The best rosé wines!

Travel experiences to have at every age.

This blue + white ruffle dress is so pretty!

Loved reading about Chassity’s trip to San Juan.

Same goes for Julia’s Palm Beach Travel Guide.

Love these wedge sandals (and they’re on sale!)

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  1. Nora:

    Great roundup! The article on nail polish is informative and depressing. Ugh, really it’s the same with so many products in the beauty care industry from makeup to moisturizer to shampoo. Many contain harmful ingredients. I recently read that in Europe hundreds of chemicals are banned from beauty care products while in the US it’s 11. It’s depressing that these seemingly innocuous industries are profiting on harming consumers’ health.

    I better stock up next time I’m over seas!

    5.30.16 Reply