Weekend Reading.


Hiiii weekend. Last night was pretty glorious. I spent the night at home reading in my sweatpants… and getting some work done. It was one of those weeks where I had plans every single night… plans that involved drinking quite a bit of wine and eating copious amounts of food. So I was ready to sit at home with a mug of tea and unwind in my comfiest clothing. This morning is a memorial service for my grandmother out in New Jersey. Other than that I don’t have much planned (except maybe hibernating if it snows tomorrow? So crazy!!) Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great! Xo

How to fall asleep in under one minute.

My new dating email newsletter.

The most gorgeous espadrille wedges I’ve seen so far.

Hilarious: the first things to happen on the Internet.

This suede mini skirt is so good.

This is amazing and true having been there: why don’t we have breakup registries? (Thanks Victoria, for sending me this!)

Loving this effortless + casual look on Sam.

The prettiest white lace top.

This sounds too good to be true: Meet Mealpass – lunch every weekday, for $99 a month.

I always get complimented on my gold birkenstocks, and they always sell out! You can get them here!

French girl style.

So proud of my pal Chassity… her beautiful home was featured in Real Simple!

Pretty sure I need this embroidered lace dress!

Seven Etsy shops to check out. (love this!)

Want this lace mini-dress. It comes in two colors and looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Great advice from Kate Hudson.

This is stunning: how to create an indoor garden.

Have you heard of Le Kilt? It’s exclusive to ASOS and I want everything.

This Spring cocktail is both beautiful, delicious-looking, and incredibly photographed.

Oversized stripes = YES.

Cass is giving me the travel bug… I really want to go to Marrakech.

Blog I’m loving this week:¬†Admittedly, A Piece of Toast was already one of my favorite blogs (and Sally + Molly are two dear friends), but their content has been killing it lately. These two possess enviable graphic design skills and I’m especially¬†loving their new “Current Vibes” series. I feel like I always discover something new, which I really love. (Like this week, I learned that my favorite bra now comes in a strapless version… hallelujah!)

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  1. Mackenzie:

    As someone who seriously struggles to fall asleep in under an hour or two most nights of the week, I can say from experience that the 4-7-8 trick works! It seems counterintuitive because you’re thinking about the numbers and thus feel like you aren’t turning off your brain, but it seriously helps and I have been trying to remember to use it more. Also, I love that you feature other blogs in your weekend readings- I have come across so many new bloggers through you (some I even read regularly now)!

    4.2.16 Reply
  2. terri martin:

    love your links – this is always my fave post of the week!!!

    4.4.16 Reply
  3. mary:

    Loving these and agree – A Piece of Toast has been doing such a good job lately!

    4.4.16 Reply