Weekend Reading.


After last weekend’s adventure I am staying put here in New York, determined to get organized. Get ahead on my blog calendar, finish up my taxes… all that glamorous stuff. And get to the gym. I am feeling very puffy (which I wrote about here) and in need of a little detox. I’ve booked two Core Fusion classes and am planning on going for a run or two as well. Getting back into the swing of things after a trip is always a mix of exhilarating (I thrive on feeling organized and put together) but also annoying (I just want to sleep in and watch movies and be lazy)!

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What’s changing in SEO this year. I try to stay on top of this stuff as it’s constantly changing – so confusing! Thanks a lot, google!

Tory Burch’s new arrivals are amazing. I love this tunic!

I loved Hitha’s honest post (and think she still looks pretty fabulous).

In need of a good new book, I ordered The Good Girl this week. Have you read it?

Why he didn’t text you back. (So good.) I also loved this piece about being more honest. Man Repeller’s content has been SO good lately.

I loved Liz’s vacation photos, but especially these photos. She looks so happy (in the prettiest dress).

The coolest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen for under $100. Wow. I ordered them because I mean, I had to.

Is your personality making you fat? Oy.

These earrings = miniature works of art… and they’re only $34!

There’s an interesting conversation over on Anna’s blog about the future of blogging. I feel optimistic about it (you can read my novel of a comment)… what about you?

How to be more confident.

Love this bright straw clutch.

The perfect striped sweater for summer.

I thought this was hilarious – what your ex-boyfriends say about you.

I’ve been buying these sheer bras in bulk. They’re so pretty and come in every color.

Gwyneth’s beauty routine.

Made me laugh – things people tweeted in 2006!

Pretty sure I need this maxi dress

Loved learning more about how Mackenzie started her business. Such a real and honest piece.

Rebecca Taylor (my favorite designer) is having a really big sale. My favorite dress is on sale too. Ugh. Sad that I paid full price, but lucky for you! (I did buy this dress, which I’d had my eye on for a while.) Use code SPRING16.

A really gorgeous artist to admire… I want to add one of her pieces to my apartment.

These lace-up flats are so fun!

Got a Spring wedding? Bookmark this post – Merritt tracked down so many pretty dresses.

Blog I’m loving this week: Annie Reeves. I “found” Annie’s blog because she comments here quite a bit (thanks, Annie!) and was delighted to see that she lives in Charleston, my other favorite city. Annie does a great job with her content – a well-rounded mix of personal style + fashion, her life in Charleston, and little things that she loves. I think we have similar taste as I always really love everything she features.


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  1. I love that you featured Annie! I love her blog, Annie is so fun and real and has great taste. I also featured her on my own blog last year: http://girlforgranted.com/2015/06/girl-for-granted-talk-annie-reeves/

    On another note, I wanted to tell you Grace, that I think you’ve been doing such a great job with your content lately. It’s been consistently great – entertaining, informative, accessible and I love that you’ve brought back the discovery element into blogging. Keep it up gal, and have a great Easter weekendl! xx

    3.26.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Amy that is so nice of you to say. Blogging can feel a little isolating – you put things out there and hope that others enjoy/relate to it, but you’re never entirely sure!!!

      Hope you have a great Easter! Xo

      3.27.16 Reply
  2. Annie’s blog is one of my daily reads as well 🙂 She has impeccable taste!

    As for the future of blogging, I’m idealistic as well! If everyone continues to blog for the reason they say they started, then nothing should change. I blog because it’s my escape and a place I can document things I love, what’s going on in my life and the like. I do believe the future of blogging will weed out anyone who is doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Anna’s post inspired me to add a list of my daily reads to my sidebar 🙂

    3.26.16 Reply
    • Jess, you’ve inspired me to think about adding a side bar with my favourite blogs as well. After all, I’ve said time and time again that it’s the community of all you special ladies that I really love about blogging, so what better way to show that. x

      3.27.16 Reply
      • graceatwood:

        I love that you guys are doing that. I don’t have room with my design but it’s something I’d like to build into my next round of site changes. In the meantime I try to highlight my fave reads via this weekly post. xx

        3.27.16 Reply
  3. I really can’t tell you how much it meant to read this today! You’re such an inspiration and (much) more importantly such a kind person. Hope you have a happy rest of your weekend! xx

    3.27.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Aw thanks Annie!! Love what you are doing. Hope to see you in a few weeks!!!

      3.27.16 Reply
  4. Dragana:

    I read The Good Girl …. honestly I hated it. It was actually super frustrating – I don’t want to give anything away but I’m sure you’ll figure it out once you start reading!

    3.27.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Oh no, what a bummer! My copy just arrived today… will let you know what I think! 😉

      3.27.16 Reply
      • I liked the Good Girl a lot more than I thought I would. Hope you enjoy!

        3.28.16 Reply
  5. Paige:

    So excited to hear what you think about the Good Girl!! I read it on a rainy day in vacation and absolutely loved it. Such a good read.

    3.28.16 Reply