Weekend Reading.


And, weekend! Fashion week has kicked off here in the city so I’ve been running around like a bit of a maniac. Lots of previews, shows, and presentations… and so many parties. I’m taking lots of Emergen-C as I can’t afford to get sick… once all of this is over, I actually go to Ireland (for fun) and London (for work) for a week. In the meantime, last night I checked into the Hotel Indigo on the Lower East Side for a staycation of sorts which was really nice. Even though I just spent my night blogging in bed with a glass of wine, it was such a great! It’s funny how changing locations (even in your own city) can give you a fresh perspective. Lotsa links for you this week, enjoy!

I love this casual yet elevated look on Liz.

On a silly note… the most amazing wine glass.

I picked up this long camel coat this week… be prepared to see a lot of it over in these parts.

I’m loving Mackenzie’s tassel top.

The ultimate hangover cure isn’t what you think it is! (via Julia)

Watching this will make you a better friend: the difference between empathy and sympathy.

A smart trick for great brows.

How chic is this lace midi dress? I want both colors!

I made this chicken stew for friends last weekend. It was easy and everyone loved it.

Light gray lace-up flats… (for under $80!)

So apparently, cheese and cocaine have a lot in common!?

This salad contains bacon + shredded brussels sprouts. Yes, please.

Crushing on this chic maxi dress.

Drooling over Jacey’s home tour.

How great are the cut-outs on this top?

Loved this chic camel + gray look on Kat.

The best healthy meal delivery services.

Loving this jumpsuit.

Eek, Mansur Gavriel’s shoe line is finally available for purchase!


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  1. Hi Grace! I am actually leaving for Ireland as well in less than 2 weeks. Since I’m only going for a long weekend Im kind of stumped as to what I should plan for the 3 night stay in Dublin. With the rain/cold/wind is it even worth it to drive south to the country, or am I better off planning a city type weekend. Anyway, lots of questions about places to go, things to do, etc… if you have any insights, would be so grateful!
    XO, Stella

    2.13.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Stella, Aw! While I’ve spent a lot of time in Belfast (one of my best friends lives there) I have actually only spent one afternoon in Dublin! We had a great time downtown, where we did a tiny bit of site-seeing and lots of window shopping. I posted about it here in this post: http://thestripe.com/2014/01/photo-diary-a-day-in-dublin/

      I really loved our lunch at Fallon & Byrne! Wish I could be more helpful 🙂 xo

      2.13.16 Reply
  2. Sarah:

    I don’t understand the point of you saying that you’re not really a C&C fan. It makes you seem bit mean and bitter. It was unnecessary and could have easily been left out.

    2.13.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      You’re totally right. It was a bit bitchy and 100% unnecessary… I went back amended the post. I apologize, I like this blog to be a positive space to be totally honest I think I was a little bit hangry writing this post last night… I forgot I even wrote that until seeing your comment just now.

      2.13.16 Reply