Weekend Reading.


And, weekend! This one is a busy one… lots of birthdays! I had a Gatsby themed party last night and am making terrariums this afternoon for a girlfriend’s birthday. And tonight we have tickets to an advanced screening of Zoolander! So. excited. It was a good week… productive and fulfilling… topped off with a dusting of snow yesterday morning. I missed the blizzard so it was fun being in the city for even just the tiniest amount of snow. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s fab!

Enter to win one of my favorite face masks here!

Sharing my skincare secrets over on Style Within Reach, this week!

I’m going to need this lace dress ASAP once it warms up.

I loved Mackenzie’s simple striped dress… it’s a great price, too!

Can’t get these jeweled earrings out of my head.

While I’m weary about both liberal candidates, I really loved this piece about Hilary Clinton. I wish we could treat male + female candidates equally.

How one woman learned to not be so nice.

This faux suede dress┬áis everything… I ordered it immediately.

Loved Julia’s Nashville photo diary. I’ve been wanting to go for a while now!

Love the shape of this bag!

How to practice mindfulness.

Life-changing books.

Pretty PJ’s – love the hot pink!

How to dry brush (and why it’s so important!)

No idea how it smells but want this perfume just for the bottle.

I always love Molly’s beauty posts, and this one is no exception! Gotta try that Pixi cream!

How gorgeous is Krystal in this amazing dress? Loved the Clueless reference, too.


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  1. Christina:

    Sounds like a really fun weekend! I can’t wait to read the article on dry brushing.. It’s always interested me!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    2.6.16 Reply
  2. Iris:

    Have a good weekend. Those J.Crew earrings are cute and I like the matching necklace too. Thanks for sharing the “how to not be nice” article. I had a toxic friend similar to the writer’s in elementary school. I was relieved when she moved. I’ll be passing the article along.

    2.7.16 Reply
  3. Kristen:

    Nashville is a really fun city. and the Tennessee countryside just outside the city it beautiful, too. let me know if you decide to go and needs recs!

    2.8.16 Reply