Weekend Reading.


And, weekend. I feel like a loser complaining about it, but I’m still so jet lagged. Does it get better? I guess the trip back east is kinda the equivalent of going to Europe, and that’s left me tired in the past… but I don’t remember the last time I felt this beat. I’ve been keeping the same hours as Tyrion, basically. Unable to sleep at night, waking up super early… and desperately needing a nap around 3 or 4pm. So I’m laying low this weekend, with the hopes of getting my apartment clean, getting caught up on work, and getting back on track. I hate feeling like this! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab… it’s still gorgeous outside… get outside and take advantage! PS – LOVED your responses to yesterday’s giveaway… be sure to enter if you haven’t already!

My bff emailed me from France just to tell me about this striped tee (and it’s on sale!) Obviously, ordered immediately.

I’ve got a major thing with zucchini fritters… and made this recipe this week. It was heaven. Next up, I want to make this soup. Yum. Felicia knows food.

Loved this casual look on Nicole.

I snagged this chic light blue double breasted jacket. Love.

I really loved Molly’s real thoughts about dating. (GF – I feel you!!)

A cozy cashmere cape.

You might know that I’m a huge fan of traveling alone. Here’s a handy guide, with lots of helpful pointers.

When can I move in?

(Or I’d settle to live here…)

Ripped denim that’s “street style good.”

Otte is having a huge sale! Use code FALLVIP100 to get $100 off of your $500 purchase. There’s no exclusions, which makes this perfect for those big ticket items that never go on sale.

So much street style inspiration.

I think I need this pink coat.

These hilarious fashion week illustrations had me in stitches.

A dating app exclusively for bacon lovers.

Love this varsity cardigan (the price is great and it comes in 6 colors!)

How to take control of your digital life (and your real life, too).

Loved this classic look on Helena.

Everyone needs this button down skirt.

Loved this tour of Victoria’s gorgeous home.


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  1. Cy:

    Yes Grace, you do need that pink coat! A note on dating, I’m older and once married, but it doesn’t seem to get any easier. It’s supposed to be fun, but feels like a chore! For now I’ve decided to surrender to the universe and just enjoy and live my great life. It would be nice to hear the male perspective. I remember commiserating with my guy friends, when living in LA. People there tend to be very “transient ” , lots of flaky people. The guys were as frustrated as we were. Maybe it depends on the city?

    9.19.15 Reply
  2. Yes, that jet lag can be bad. May take a while to recover. I’ve traveled from Guam, and it was tough to get over it.
    I may have to try those fritters. Loving the links.

    9.20.15 Reply