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Happy weekend, and happy August. It’s the first day of August, which is totally crazy. This is my first weekend in the city in five weeks and it feels like such a treat! It’s been really fun going here and there, but I’m excited to have a nice normal weekend in the city. Soul Cycle with girlfriends, evening drinks, snuggles with the cat, Sunday brunch, all of my favorite little rituals. Last night I was up way too late working on the blog (+ then watching Orange is the New Black!) But anyway… whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab (and that you’re all staying cool… it’s been swelteringly hot!)

How fun does this DIY party look?

Crushing on this embroidered tunic.

The classiest sandals.. on sale!

Molly looks so pretty in her lace romper.

Did you see? SoulCycle went public. Thought that was pretty cool.

I really loved this outfit on Caroline. When it’s this hot outside, simple is best.

What to do in Nantucket.

Pretty crochet details.

Some practical advice for those who want to travel more.

I’m in love with the print on this Tory Burch dress. #getinmycloset

I’m so proud of my friend Julia and her new collection for Minnie & Emma! Love them all, especially the pineapples… (shop ’em here!)

The dreamiest bedroom setup… when can I move in?

Yum! Liz’s blueberry banana bread (with a cinnamon sugar crust!) looks so good.

Andddd… don’t forget about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Prices go back up on Monday, so shop now!

photo via Death to the Stock Photo

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  1. Love that tunic, I am a sucker for embroidery. Have a nice weekend!


    8.1.15 Reply