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Hi + happy weekend! I hope you had a great fourth of July. I had a pretty low key day. I went to Soul Cycle with a girlfriend, took a nap, got some work done, and then went to Brooklyn for dinner with my sister and her husband. No fireworks, but hoping to catch some while I’m home on Cape Cod next week. And on that note, I cannot wait to be home for an entire week… it’s going to be so nice! It felt a little weird staying in the city for the fourth of July, but in hindsight I am glad I did… it’s given me a chance to get organized + prepare for the rest of the month’s travel. But anyway… without further adieu, some favorite things from this week! Oh and thank you all for your comments on this post. I can’t even begin to tell you how much they helped get me out of my lonely/sad mindset.

* Looking for a funny beach read? Here’s a good list of funny books by women… I’ve read about half of them, and plan to try and read the rest of them this summer.

* The cutest matchy matchy set, in crisp white: love this top + skirt!

* As a chronic over-apologizer, I loved this essay (by one of my favorite writers.) Let’s stop apologizing so much, shall we?

* I loved Caroline’s Tulum snaps… (and I want to go back… have been twice now but have yet to swim in a Cenote!)

* This DIY Rope bag is positively b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I’m obsessed.

* Have you started reading Mimi? It’s Time Inc’s new beauty site… one of my girlfriends told me about it. I haven’t been reading for very long, but I’m liking it so far.

* Loved this interview // learning more about one of my absolute favorite natural beauty brands!

* The perfect bold blue heels.

* This Real New York Subway Map is pretty genius/hilarious.

* I couldn’t resist this striped fit & flare dress. The cutout keeps it from becoming saccharine sweet. (Also, I have been wearing this stripe dress non-stop. Size up, though, if you get it.)

* Six years ago, I was in between jobs and spent two weeks in Greece. It was my favorite trip… ever. Seeing Julia’s Santorini post brought back happy memories… I also love her pretty blue & white dress!

* And at the totally other end of the spectrum (via Felicia) why “Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel!” is terrible advice! To be honest, sometimes I’m really glad that I didn’t read blogs or have Instagram when I was in my early twenties. For these exact reasons.

* Last but not least: I’m completely obsessed with this dress; but have nowhere fabulous enough to wear it to.


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  1. Cy:

    That strapless dress is adorable! You should buy it! How about a wedding or cocktails with friends ? As my sister who currently lives in Brooklyn, by way of Mahattan is always telling me, you folks on the east coast are much dressier than we are here in California. Buy it! It will look amazing on you! Also thanks for your sad/ lonely post, it really resonated with me. We like you because you are authentic and always yourself.

    7.5.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Thank you! I just feel like I have so, so many dresses… you know? I do have some weddings coming up… one of which is in Hawaii and could be perfect! It’s in my cart, just waiting for me to pull the trigger! Thanks for your comment 🙂 🙂

      7.5.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Update: I bought it. Hahahaha, it took soooo much convincing 😉 But the more I think about it, it will be perfect for Hawaii!

      7.5.15 Reply
  2. I spent my first 4th of July in the city too. It was surreal walking around yesterday with no one here! We went and had a lazy lunch at Spotted Pig and then watched the Macy’s Day fireworks from our rooftop in Brooklyn. Being from Kansas and Texas, I’m used to it being so hot on the 4th that the cool weather was actually a nice treat.


    7.5.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Isn’t it just the best? It cracked me up… everywhere I went today/yesterday was totally empty. Soul Cycle, Liquiteria, DreamDry… EMPTY. Such a nice treat. And lucky you, with the BK rooftop. So perfect for the 4th!!

      7.6.15 Reply
  3. Cy:

    I’m so glad you bought it, it will look gorgeous on you. can’t wait to see your post on it!

    7.5.15 Reply
  4. Cy:

    The real NY subway map is hilarious! I promptly sent it to my sister.

    7.5.15 Reply