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Hello and happy weekend + greetings from the Dominican Republic. I’m down here through Tuesday for a project with JetBlue + some fun girl time with my cousin Sarah. I mentioned it in Wednesday’s post but I was actually really sick this week, with a horrible summer cold. It was one of those things where I thought it was allergies, so I took Zyrtec, only to have it not help in the least bit, and by then it was a full “help me, I can’t breathe” sort of cold. I spent Wednesday more or less in bed and was feeling good enough to go to work by Thursday but yuck… it really sucked! I’m just glad I recovered quickly enough to be able to go on this trip.

* If you live in New York, you should probaby bookmark this: How to Get Free Wine.

* Also for the New York set… an oyster bar on a boat? I need to go, immediately.

* I picked up this cute fit & flare floral dress at Nordstrom. I love the cut and it will look so cute under a denim jacket. Also, it was on sale!

* Did you see the Mockingjay, Part Two Trailer? I am so. excited.

* Jess looks so cute in this green dress, and she makes me want to rent a boat in Central Park. My summer to-do list just keeps getting longer!

* How darling (see what I did there?) does Mackenzie look in her pink drop waist dress? I loved this look on her.

* I loved this little beauty post from Molly… she always finds the best stuff. While I was in Dallas, she was singing Mary Kay’s praises and I tried a few of her favorites. I need to try that lip balm, pronto.

* I can never find a good white shirt dress that actually fits… I love this one from Theory and am thinking about trying it out. Theory’s clothes are magical; they look good on everyone!

* The coolest series of window-seat inspired paintings.

* I loved Fran’s flattering floral dress… and ordered the exact same one, and this one too. (Both are on sale through 6/15, when you use code WEEKEND40.)

* I loved this article about the rise of social-media savvy illustrators. (…was so excited to see so many of my friends included in the piece!)

* I’m a sucker for all of the blue + white things, so of course I adore this coverup.

* Felicia posted this to Facebook, and I thought it was such a great read: “I Quit My Job Today… (and So Can You!)

* Look what Chassity did to her front door! I got to see her home when I visited her last October, and her porch is just the best. That swing! Makes me want a house…

* I loved this post from Hallie, and hearing about her first internship in the city.

* This striped dress, tho…

* I thought this was interesting… the most popular emojis on Instagram… (I was happy to see that the crying laughing one made the top 5!)

* Last but not least… My pink shoes from this instagram are finally available for purchase!


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  1. Those window seat pieces are super gorgeous – I’m inspired to be sitting by a window now… the emojii breakdown is super interesting, too!

    Warm Regards,

    6.13.15 Reply
  2. Thank you so much for sharing “I Quite My Job Today” it was such an interesting read. I am a senior in college so the job search is on my horizon and I think it is so important to be reminded to search for happiness and not just what we are told is the ‘ideal’ job/life.
    Hope your having a great weekend, spotted your snap story from the Dominican, it looks amazing!

    6.15.15 Reply
  3. You’re so sweet to include me 🙂 Thanks love. Hope you’re enjoying your trip!

    6.15.15 Reply