Weekend Reading.


Oh heyyyy weekend! This was a fun week. Besides the weather. The weather, not so much… the amount of snow and slush we’ve had is getting ridiculous. Other than that, it was a great week. I had a nice dinner with my new friend Krista, went to Dressbarn’s relaunch (+ was blown away by how cute the dresses were), and last night went to opening night of the French Film Festival with two of my girlfriends. And, I am taking on a new consulting project! Very excited for that. I wrote yesterday about getting back to normal (thank you for your comments) and it’s a process… but I’m getting there. Life is good. This weekend will be a low key one. Lots of cooking, a birthday party, dinner with my cousin, barre class… and sleeping in.

PS – I’ve joined Snapchat. Having fun with it! You can add me at grace.atwood. 😉

Favorite things from this week…

* Two words: Shopbop Sale. Today’s the last day. I rounded up my picks earlier this week (here), but ended up picking up two pretty new things: a dress from SEA, and this beautiful IRO top. I can’t wait til it is finally warm enough to wear them!

* A thoughtful piece. On why busy is a sickness. I’ll be honest. I’ve been trying to ban the word “busy” from my vocabulary. I’m not always successful, but I’ve really grown to hate the word.  My favorite part of the article was this quote… it really resonated with me. “So my prayer today is this. That I stop defining myself by my doing, and start defining myself by my being. that I stop measuring time by the clock on the wall, and start measuring it by the experiences I share with those around me. And that I stop seeing my life as “busy” but for what it truly is. Full.”

* I’m (maybe embarrassingly) excited that Adidas shower slides are cool again. I ordered a pair earlier this week and can’t wait to wear mine with all my sundresses this summer.

* My friend Jacey gave her site the most gorgeous makeover.

* Madewell is now at Nordstrom! So happy about this.

* Some pretty beauty trends I want to try.

* Also on the beauty front: Korean beauty products are having a major moment right now and after reading this post, a few of my girlfriends and I want to do a little Korean beauty tour.

* I want to wear this little lion around my wrist!

* Bradley rounded up the best style steals… pretty things under $50, $100, and $150.


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  1. alyson:

    fun recap, grace! totally agree with you on the word busy… eager to read that pice. I HATE how people ask/answer a question… “How are you doing?! You seem so busy!” — is that a question? Frustrating.

    Anyway, lots to click through today, including the fact about the shower slides… circa 1999, right?!

    happy weekend!

    3.7.15 Reply
  2. Liane:

    Highly recommend making the trek down to Flushing, Queens where they have a whole block of Asian beauty/drug stores (article you linked mentioned a few of them). After shopping, you can go to New World Mall’s Food court for an amazing selection of Asian cuisine!

    3.7.15 Reply