Weekend Reading.


Oh hai. Happy Weekend. What a week! I had one of those weeks that was so much fun that I couldn’t actually believe it was my life. A dinner with Tori Praver at Claudette, a fun dinner at the Tasting Table test kitchen, seeing Chicago (the musical) live for the first time, a slew of cool meetings, and a party at a super cool art gallery last night. Since going down to my new freelance schedule I have been living like I’m 25 again… but I’ve told myself it’s good to have a few weeks of enjoying it (and not putting so much pressure on myself!) before cranking into full gear. Life is good and I still just feel so lucky to get to do this. To get to enjoy the little moments without frantically run from one thing to another. When you’re going, going, going… nothing feels better than getting to slow down a bit.

This made me giggle… What if the Sex & The City characters were on tinder?

Loving the print (and the price tag!) on this chic romper.

I totally agree with Helena: You should be dry brushing.

The most chic LWD… for under $100!

I thought this piece was interesting. Titled, “Good Lovers Lie,” it makes a case for not always telling the truth. Did you know we lie on average twice every ten minutes?  The author says, “Don’t worry so much about ferreting out the truth. Take care of each other instead.” What do you think?

The prettiest pink satchel. Michael Kors is killing it this season!

I must have looked at these oil paintings at least ten times this week. They are just so beautiful.

L-O-V-E these woven sandal/booties. Digging the Balenciaga vibe (for under $200!)

Did you see? The second issue of Rose & Ivy journal is out and it’s beautiful.

Perfect flat strappy sandals. These are on my spring/summer list!

I loved this post so, so much… can we all just be still for a moment? Felicia’s posts are always beautifully written but this is one of my favorite posts of hers… probably because it resonates so much with where I am in my own life.

The most gorgeous pearl ring. Perfectly feminine, yet still a little edgy.

Cool DIY alert: These wine glass cloches are so chic! Leave it to HonestlyWTF and Lulu Frost… love.

WANT this leopard coat!


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  1. Eden:

    Love the stripes, have a nice weekend!


    2.28.15 Reply
  2. Rebecca {at} PreppyPanache:

    That romper is super cute!

    2.28.15 Reply
  3. Alison Dulaney:

    Grace, I cannot thank you enough for your support, it means the world:) Have a great weekend!

    2.28.15 Reply
  4. Michelle:

    I am in love with those oil paintings!

    2.28.15 Reply
  5. Anna:
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  6. nuriel:
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  7. Marielle | High Alpine:

    The stripes look great! Is warmer weather on the way?

    Marielle | High Alpine


    3.1.15 Reply
  8. Agoprime:


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