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Greetings from Charleston! I’m down for a long weekend and could totally move here. I fell in love with the city during my October trip, and so my sister Becca and I planned a long weekend away with my mom as her sixtieth birthday present. So far we’ve had a lot to eat and seen a lot more of the city. I just love it here, so so much. You can follow along on my Instagram for more photos, but I’ll have some fun travel posts up this coming week. Other than the trip, I had a really good week. I will tell you more about that later, but I feel happier and more relaxed than I have in ages. Hope you guys had a good week and that are staying warm + cozy! I don’t have very many links for you this week, but the ones I do have are good ones!

Faves from this week…

* On the beauty front, I 100% agree with this post about makeup wipes. They are actually the devil. Well, not the actual devil…but they promote bad habits. I wash my face every single evening (sometimes double-cleansing) and I’m sorry… face wipes just don’t get the job done.

* Loving the simple silhouette of this dress. Perfect for the office (if it ever warms up!!)

* I loved this outfit on Meghan. Loved. And I have everything she’s wearing, more or less… so I plan on playing copycat sometime very soon.

* Erica has me really inspired with her woodblocking tutorial. The wrapping paper she created is completely gorgeous.

* I mentioned in last week’s links post that I’m craving a pair of white pumps. This pair is great – and won’t break the bank!

* I fell in love with this coverup DIY project. Merrick is just so talented. I am thinking about going back to Tulum this Spring, and if I do… I’m totally making one!

* This is probably the perfect black coat… and the price is right too! I love the clean lines and menswear silhouette.

* A really pretty winter beauty look! (I’m all about adding shimmer + glow to my look in the winter… Alicia did it brilliantly.)

* Cheddar cheese and bacon? Um, hell yes! Bookmarking this recipe.

* I posted about twinsets yesterday… and just found this black + navy one from Rebecca Taylor. Drool.

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  1. Enjoy Charleston! What a sweet city to celebrate a birthday in. Was lucky to call that place home for a few years and miss it terribly! Go to Leon’s Oyster Shop if you haven’t. It’s my favorite place for lunch. And Collective Coffee for always.


    2.7.15 Reply
  2. Once I started using beauty wipes as a way to remove makeup before cleansing, my skin cleared up dramatically. All of those pesky “monthly” breakouts when away too.


    2.7.15 Reply
  3. Sounds like you found some fabulous things! I love that dress xo

    Warm Regards,

    2.7.15 Reply
  4. Thank you for the kind words and including me in this week’s roundup, Grace! Feel free to copy and let’s be twins SOON! XO

    2.7.15 Reply
  5. Very cool suggestion!

    2.8.15 Reply
  6. Looks nice and sunny! Have a great weekend!

    2.8.15 Reply
  7. Thanks for introducing me to Meghan’s blog!


    2.9.15 Reply