Weekend Reading.


Happy weekend! I finally have a good “me” weekend after all that travel + being sick. Plans include: (very necessary) hair appointment this morning, barre class this afternoon, wine night tonight with one of my best friends, and getting organized for the break! Also sleeep. This week was a little bit rough, (sorry for the vague-blog) some weird things happened, I worked a lot and didn’t sleep much… needless to say I’m really excited to catch up on sleep. As an aside… I am so in love with the room above – proof that you don’t necessarily need an accent color when decorating… all white + cream is perfectly fine; as long as you mix things up with texture!

Also you guys I am watching The Good Wife and I can’t stop. I just started Season 3 last night and am slightly in love with Will Gardner and am just so obsessed with the show. Binge watching at it’s finest.

On the importance of doing nothing every now and then.

One of my best friends, Alex, was featured on Marie Claire… sneak a peek into a day in her life here!

The cutest pajamas, ever, for Christmas morning.

Traveling over the holidays? Here are some great tips. (I gotta download Serial!)

Obsessing over this party shoe DIY… so simple, so good.

I just got these slippers and they are amazing. I never want to take them off.

Single over the holidays? How to deal.

All I know after watching this video is that I want to be neighbors with John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Why not challenge yourself to a day of no spending?

Loving the zippper — and the color! — of this bucket bag.

Bookmark this… a beginner’s guide to ordering wine!

A pretty (and really affordable) NYE dress option.

I want to do my eye makeup like this for New Year’s Eve. Also, did you catch Annie’s interview on The Chalkboard?

Loved seeing my sister on one of my favorite blogs.

Oh and I ordered the $60 fringe dress from yesterday’s post. Will let you know how it works out. I ordered up two sizes as it looks short.


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  1. kaoleehoyle:

    I love the Good Wife!!! And I didn’t initially like Will Gardner, but he definitely grew on me. His character as a whole is great! And the music on that show is fantastic!

    12.20.14 Reply
  2. Brittany Sampson:

    OMG Serial has been my saving grace over the last few weeks while I travel every other week for work. I was hooked 20 minutes in. It is definitely a must!!


    12.21.14 Reply
  3. Taylor Davies:

    Thank you for the link out my darling, i hope you’re having a fab holiday season (snapchat says vino + cat time, which sounds perfect to me) and lets plan on getting together in 2015! xoxo

    12.22.14 Reply