Weekend Reading

I generally try to keep this list edited down to the things that really struck me throughout the week as beautiful, useful, clever, special, etc.  This week, the list was on the longer side.  I tried editing it down but there was just too much goodness on the Internets this week, so I left it as is… fourteen fantastic links.   I hope you check them all out.  Enjoy the weekend, friends!  I’m back on the West Coast, this time in Nevada City.  I flew into San Fran last night after work, and then drove up to Nevada City for a weekend of crafting in the woods with two of my favorite ladies.  I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now!

  • I’m on a major fitness kick.  This series is helping me stay motivated.
  • Today and tomorrow only, get 30% off of EVERYTHING at Gorjana.


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  1. houseofearnest says 8.11.12

    Love that post-it piñata!! Thanks for the shout out- have so much fun crafting this weekend!

    • Grace Atwood says 8.13.12

      of course!  LOVED that post! x

  2. Carlyjcais says 8.11.12

    Thanks for including my DIY inspo from J. Crew!   I loved your Cat Lady cat-obsessed post and fashion picks…I’m such a crazy cat lady too!!:-D

    • Grace Atwood says 8.13.12

      so glad to hear that you are a cat lady, too!!!

  3. Ana Carneiro says 8.11.12

    Loved J Crews inspiring collection! Oh My! So many polka dots!!! *.*

    My Own Project

    • Grace Atwood says 8.13.12

      me too, ana!!

  4. guler kaya says 8.11.12

    so thanks for sharing my blog:) i love your  diy projects;) 
    from Turkey with love. 

    • Grace Atwood says 8.13.12

      of course ! LOVED that project! x

  5. Leekim99 says 8.11.12

    I adore your blog!

    • grace - stripes + sequins says 8.13.12

      aw, thanks!

  6. Maria @ All Things Luxurious says 8.12.12

    Thanks so much for these awesome links!  I love the last one — the perfect French twist!  🙂  Happy weekend!

    • grace - stripes + sequins says 8.13.12

      yay, so glad you liked them!

  7. Beauty Palette says 8.12.12

    Thanks for the shout out! Also – your boyfriend is so funny!  It’s so great that he kicked off Victoria’s new series…I plan on showing my boyfriend so he knows whats in store for him : )

    • grace - stripes + sequins says 8.13.12

      Aw, yay!  Of course.  I love your blog!!

  8. caroline says 8.13.12

    Your blog is super cute Grace! Thanks for sharing my polka-dot jeans DIY… the project was super easy! xo