Weekend Reading, 12.5.20.

Weekend Reading, 12.5.20.

Happy weekend. Life in Charleston is starting to feel… normal? I can’t believe I will have been here two weeks as of tomorrow, time is just flying. I’ve fallen into a nice little routine. I definitely have had to get used to things closing early/not being open on the weekends (it’s tricky without a car as I rely on the little local spots!), but it’s motivated me to keep my fridge (and wine shelf, ha) stocked and cook more.

Being close to my family is the best and my rental is so cute.. My mom watches my niece most days so they stop by or we meet up for walks. My mom brought me pumpkin muffins earlier in the week and homemade soup on Thursday… I’m spoiled! Other than that life is pretty much the same as usual… working, shooting, recording the pod, reading a lot, the usual stuff. PS – my pajama collab with Nightire launches on Monday… so excited!!!

Weekend Reading, 12.5.20

I put together a fun little gift guide for my friends at The Daily Front Row.

This faux fur coat is really really cute and a great price.

The Guardian published their list of the best crime and thriller books of 2020.

Your (incredibly chic) new one-stop shop for Black beauty brands.

This is such a fun and festive top… would be perfect for a holiday Zoom? Love the sheer sleeves.

Looove Jacey’s kitchen update – it looks so good!

How to prevent yourself from getting emotionally drained this holiday season.

If you need a cute winter hat, this one is great, and only $10!

18 ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

Definitely want to try these air fryer french fries when I get back to Brooklyn.

How chic are these Jonathan Adler playing cards!?

Very excited about Obama’s new series which looks like it will be part comedy, part documentary?

A cute and cozy sweatshirt

I love the color assortment!

How to help the hungry in your community.

I really loved Carly’s handmade gift ideas.

Five Black wellness influencers to follow.

Another pretty ($30!) Target midi dress. I love this one too!

The most beautiful cookies to bake this holiday season.

One of my fav cozy tunic sweaters is on sale.

Thrillers to read, if you loved The Undoing (succcch a good show).

The ten most anticipated books from this winter.

Looove this cozy-chic turtleneck!

Dr. Fauci’s tips for protecting his immune system.

My most favorite joggers ever – brought 2 pairs down to Charleston with me and living in ’em!

Marianna Hewitt’s favorite beauty products.

Romance novels that are a lot like Hallmark movies.

Loooove this pretty puff sleeve top!

A clever idea: your next office may be a hotel!

Cozy and cute! This $25 sweatshirt dress would be so cute with sneakers.

Tips and tricks for setting better work from home boundaries around your lunch break.

Oooh sounds like I must check out Somerset House when I’m back in Brooklyn.

Living in my fav Amazon slouchy socks… my Charleston apartment is a little chilly and these are perfectly cozy.

Four healthy weeknight dinner ideas!


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  1. Karlie:

    Hi Grace! It looks like the link to the winter hat is incorrect, it goes to a dress. 🙂

    12.5.20 Reply
  2. Theodora:

    Is the Target midi dress you linked to the one you were wearing on your stories in black?

    12.5.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      No! That one was from H&M!

      12.5.20 Reply
  3. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Being with family really is the best! My parents have moved abroad so I haven’t seen them for months – will definitely miss them even more as it gets closer to Christmas!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.5.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It’s been so nice, I feel so lucky!

      12.5.20 Reply
  4. Cathy:

    I laughed out loud about things closing early and not being open on the weekend. In Fort Worth you better not think about trying to eat dinner out at 9 o’clock. Or try to find a cup of coffee! Drives me crazy. But I’m happy you are enjoying your time in Charleston.

    12.5.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hahahahaha it’s so funny!!!! I definitely learned my lesson that first weekend!

      12.7.20 Reply
  5. Julia+Dzafic:

    Will be reading every thriller on that Undoing list, thank you!!

    12.6.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Yay – happy reading, friend!

      12.7.20 Reply
  6. lisa joydellavita:

    I must have somehow missed it, but “why” did you move to Charleston? Just curious as I haven’t been too active on social media and haven’t found a post “explaining” the more here on the blog? or maybe I’m too blind 😀

    12.19.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      To be close to my family for the holidays and see if I want to move here full time. 🙂

      12.19.20 Reply