Weekend Reading | 12.28.19

Weekend Reading | 12.28.19

Happy weekend! I am in San Diego for my friends’ wedding today. I got in yesterday and am staying for three nights for wedding stuff and a little work stuff too. Then I head back to Charleston on Monday morning for NYE with my friends (+ some more family time), and then back to New York on Thursday. I had this wedding in the middle of Christmas + NYE so I decided to make my parents’ house in Charleston my home base for two weeks… it’s been perfect as I have so much stuff with me + I don’t need to worry about the cat… my mom loves having him visit!

Weekend Reading | 12.28.19

37 of Oprah’s favorite things that you can actually get (quite affordably) on Amazon!

If you still need a cute NYE outfit, this $55 sequin skirt could be perfect!

Another fun book list: the best books of the decade.

Fantastic travel advice.

Absolutely love the look of this cozy cable knit sweater; and it’s a really great price!

How to handle potentially triggering holiday food talk.

I now have these cashmere socks in two colors (forest green and heather grey) and they may be one of my favorite possessions. Best worn reading on the couch… or for making a middle seat in coach feel a bit more luxurious.

AOC’s makeup routine.

This might be the prettiest coffee shop ever?

Loooove this glittery mini dress! (In plus sizes here.)

I am terrible at making small talk but loved these tips from people who do it for a living. A must-read for my fellow introverts.

Such a cute pearl bag!

10 authors share the best books they read this year.

Loved seeing Katie on ITG talking about Thigh Rescue!

Get the puff sleeve trend for only $25.

OMG – Chrissy Teigen is producing a documentary about french fries!?

The perfect everyday cashmere beanie, for only $23!

Martha’s ideal NYE sounds good to me!

33 ways to remember the decade.

This animal print shirt dress is so chic (for only $56), and also comes in plus sizes. I love it!

Loved this behind the scenes look at the women of Hallmark movies.

I live in a good night shirt this time of year! (This one is so cute!)

The biggest beauty trends of the decade.

Love the color of this easy, neutral sweater. (I’d match Tyrion, lol)

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Hope you’re enjoying your holidays, Grace! Have a great break! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.28.19 Reply