Weekend Reading | 12.22.18

Xmas tree

happy weekend! My parents get in to town today for the holidays! This is very exciting (and maybe a new tradition) as Christmas has always been on Cape Cod and they’ve always had to work at the restaurant. (In true family business form, my dad was the head chef and my mom was the hostess). So it will be our first Christmas Eve ever where NO ONE HAS TO WORK. They are staying down in Caroll Gardens by my sister but I am hosting Christmas dinner! (I am very excited about this, if you can’t tell.) I’m hoping for a little downtime, I just started reading this book and it is SO cute.

This was a fun week. Work-wise, it was the last big push before the holidays. There was a lot of posts here with last minute DIY projects, etc. I am taking Christmas Eve + Christmas off from posting but will be back on Wednesday with all new content! Besides work I surprised my bf with tickets to Billy Joel on Wednesday (my first time seeing him live – AMAZING) and saw a bunch of my friends! Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s wonderful… happy holidays! (Oh, also, I am back on Youtube! Check out my first weekly vlog here.)

If you loved The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, try reading these books!

My favorite pajamas are on sale!

Intrigued by this 30 minute workout. It sounds hard but effective!

This ad with Macauley Culkin reenacting Home Alone scenes makes me so happy and nostalgic. Well done, Google!

Thanks to Helena for linking to this post – dying to try these buzzy new NYC restaurants!

This $75 velvet blazer is SO good!

I really loved this classic outfit on Carly. Her scarf!

I ordered 3 more pairs of these tights this week. They’re the best opaque black tights I’ve tried and only $10 a pair.

Really great career advice.

Becca bought this $56 maxidress and I totally copied her. It’s so chic! I will probably belt mine and pair with over the knee boots for added warmth.

Very inspired by Meg’s decision to not shop for a year.

I ordered this ($35!) leopard print mini dress this week. Can’t wait to pair with over the knee boots.

Holy moly – these brownies!

How to stay sane during your holiday travels.

The coziest waffle knit sweater. Love the slimmer arms with the boxier silhouette.

Really appreciated these holiday makeup beauty do’s + don’ts... especially the contouring advice!

These cozy slipper slides are the best.

Such a cute styling idea – show your socks when wearing booties!

Loved this simple travel style from Blair.

This animal print skirt would be so good layered with a chunky sweater and boots.

Loooove this – bad taste in fashion no longer exists. Sequins, feathers… bring it on.

I love the texture of this chunky sweater – so pretty!

Really, really loved all of Krystal’s outfits in the Bahamas… and the photography is an absolute dream.

Childless by choice.

My current handbag crush.

A girlfriend pointed me to Meg’s post  and it was one of the best, most vulnerable posts I’ve read in ages. She so perfectly articulates one of the harder parts/downsides of blogging!

I bought this cozy v-neck sweater this week. Love how soft it is.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Those new NYC restaurants look super good! Wish I lived there and could try out some of them! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.22.18 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      thanks charmaine – hope you’re having a great weekend!

      12.22.18 Reply
  2. Tessa:

    I’ve been looking for new black tights but the link goes to sunglasses!

    12.22.18 Reply