Weekend Reading, 12.19.20.

Weekend Reading, 12.19.20

Happy weekend. I can’t believe that Christmas is next week.  It  feels so crazy to me and my time here has passed WAY TOO QUICKLY: I head home to Brooklyn two weeks from today. This week was pretty chill. I saw a few friends, had some very yummy family dinners, walked a bunch and got in my workouts… now I’m preparing to take a little break. I’ll be on instagram here and there but will not be publishing new content here from 12/25 through 1/3, though I may recirculate some older favorite posts… we’ll see. So this is my last weekend reading list for a couple weeks… I hope you love these links!

Weekend Reading, 12.19.20

Oh yum! This spicy butter chicken recipe looks delicious and easy!

Oh this flutter sleeve midi dress is so pretty and a great price.

Your “New Normal” burnout is real. How to cope.

This had me dying laughing: Witty responses for when you’ve been ghosted.

This is my new favorite zoom top.

Somewhere Lately had a great roundup of the best beauty tools.

Take 30% off my fav leather tote with code GRACE30 (ends 12/31!)

Oh I love this Miami apartment!  That green desk, wow.

Oh my goodness this is just the sweetest story ever.

I was influenced by a girlfriend (who was influenced by Katie Sturino) to buy this $25 leopard fleece. V. excited.

The art of giving.

82 Black owned clothing brands to know.

Relatable (for me it was quite a while ago but I still remember it vividly)

What to do when everyone around you is getting engaged!

I bought this tunic sweater this week from Amazon and loooove it. So good w/leggings!

The year of the bad social media posts.

Love this $60 rust colored puff sleeve top!

I loved Katie’s roundup of matching sets. Want them all.

This Barcelona home is chic chic chic!

Very into the subtle puff sleeves on this cashmere sweater.

On Pete Buttigieg’s historic appointment.

Another v. v. cute H&M sweater!

Loved Helena’s review of the Mason Pearson hairbrush. You can read my review here!

Helpful: what to tip for food deliveries.

Oh these striped pajamas are so cute – AND there’s a matching one for pets. The cuteness!

Books that gave hope in 2020.

This sweater dress is stunning – would be perfect with tall boots. Also in plus sizes here.

I love my Theragun Elite so much but now Carly’s review of the mini has me wanting that, too!

73 healthy soup recipes.

My fav buttery soft leggings. Use code THESTRIPE15 for 15% off!

How to cut back on emotional spending.

If you’re traumatized by The Undoing, check out Hugh Grant’s hottest movie roles.

I’m extremely into the look of this fleecy leopard scarf.

How to protect your skin’s moisture barrier as the temperature drops.

How to wake up early.


photo of me by Clay Austin.

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  1. Glad you had a good week, Grace! It’s crazy, right? I can’t believe we’re at the end of 2020 – finally! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.19.20 Reply
  2. Maggie:

    Loved the article about Mayor Pete. But, I just learned that he’s YOUNGER than me?? I guess it’s only by one year & three months, but still, lol.

    Only two weeks left in Charleston? :-/. I’ve been loving the “southern” content!

    12.19.20 Reply
    • I KNOW. I am also older than him which just shocks me. I feel so unaccomplished!!!

      12.19.20 Reply
  3. Mandi:

    I have that Lands End leopard fleece and get a complement every time I wear it!

    12.19.20 Reply
  4. Lauren:

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and your holidays! Can we expect a review of the GloPro soon? Just snagged it based on the Somewhere lately rec and excited to hear what you think!

    12.19.20 Reply
  5. Thank you for a year full of great weekend readings, Grace. I hope you are having a great time with your loved ones in these last few days of 2020!

    Loved the round up of skincare tools – didn’t even know about half of them existed! – and the year of bad posts. Also, I am just running to the grocery store to pick up everything I need to attempt the spicy butter chicken and some naan, it looks too appealing to pass!

    B from The Career Edit

    12.20.20 Reply
  6. I loved the books that gave hope article and that leopard fleece — but in the blue check! Something that irritates me about myself is that I will read a great post on Shondaland and immediately forget that the site exists until I see another link to it. I need to get my RSS feeds up to date again.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    12.20.20 Reply