Weekend Reading.


This week was a good one. I came back from our fun little Charleston weekend to a hectic week at the day job and a ton of blog work to get caught up on, but it was still a really good week. I’ve been doing Sakara Life‘s extremely yummy plant-based meal plan all week and kind of love it. There will be a full recap on the blog next week, but I’ve honestly never felt better (with the exception of Monday – major detox headaches.) I ended up extending it and purchasing another week to keep this good feeling going. Other than that, it was a pretty low key week. Lots of catch up on work/blog stuff, a manicure at Paintbox and (finally) getting to meet my friend Gray for an after work cocktail. This weekend I’ll be working a bunch… but all fun stuff. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab!

So this is oficially happening… (but not for a little while)

Also, if you are in need of new luggage, shop this Tumi Sale on OKL now!!

Why (and how) you should winterize your beauty routine starting now.

Seriously tempted by this Helmut Lang jacket.

I loved this cozy look on Christine.

Cute faux leather leggings at a great price.

Have you tried NARS’ new lipsticks? I’m loving Carmen (night) and Anna (day.)

Simple dating advice.

A cute (and affordable) parka.

A clever hack for loose & lazy zippers.

Loving these stripes.

An ode to brunch.

We made this drink at work and it is insanely good!

Loved this all black look on Liz.

These mesh sandals would be cute with gray or colored tights.

A yummy (and super easy) beauty DIY.

And, some fun things you might have missed…

My Charleston photo-diary.

An interview with Mollie Chen of Birchbox.

My October beauty favorites.

My favorite jeans.


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  1. Kudos on The Stripes! I can’t wait to see it live next January.

    10.25.14 Reply
  2. I’m always working, working, working (even on the weekends!), so I suppose it’s pretty damn lucky that I love what I do!

    Happy weekend!

    10.25.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      You and me both! Hope you managed to have a little fun!!

      10.25.14 Reply
  3. I want to see the stripe!! will it be the same?? or something different?
    Xo, Belen
    AHint of Life

    10.25.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      It’s going to be the new version of Stripes & Sequins. More of the same, plus some different stuff too 🙂

      10.25.14 Reply
  4. LOVE the Helmut Lang jacket. Everything Sonar is just gorgeous!

    10.25.14 Reply
  5. excited to see the stripe!

    10.25.14 Reply