Weekend Reading, 11.20.21.

Weekend Reading, 11.20.21

Happy Saturday! I have a relatively plans-free weekend but am looking forward to getting caught up on work, getting my body back onto East Coast time, and feeling organized again. I’m hoping to do a little reading and see my family too. That’s IT! I did a bad thing (I was told not to buy this) and bought my niece the PonyCycle so we are going to have some fun with that at some point!!!

Weekend Reading, 11.20.21

How to get cheap last minute flights.

This is a GREAT fall sweater, at a great price. Looks designer to me.

Jess rounded up the best insulated jackets for winter.

This year’s Oscar contenders are in!

My fav pearl hoops (I wear these SO much) are on sale – 30% off with code blackfriday .

Loved this budget friendly home reno.

Love this cozy twist front top.

“What if I Never Do Anything Prolific?”

Quit lying to yourself.

En Saison makes such beautiful (affordable!) dresses. I love this brown one and this pretty floral one.

How to celebrate the holidays safely.

One of my favorite t-shirt bras is on sale in a lot of colors. This one is so comfortable!

A guide to the 2021 National Book Award winners and finalists.

This London loft!

I’ve been seeing so many of these off the shoulder tops and really like this one (it’s a good price too).

The best treatments for keratosis pilaris.

I’m obsessed with this folded gold clutch, it looks like a seashell!

How to host a fancy (but not fussy) New Year’s Eve Party + an outfit idea.

How to stand out at a new remote job.

What a cute little leopard dress!

Very excited about the Harry Potter reunion!

Such a good cozy henley.

Mmmmm mac & cheese recipes.

Teriyaki carrots sound kind of amazing?

What a gorgeous white blouse!

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  1. Katie:

    On the topic of Oscar movies, I watched King Richard last night and it was so good! ON HBOmax 🙂

    11.20.21 Reply
  2. Becca:

    “What If I Never Do Anything Prolific” this piece really hit home. Lately I have been feeling like I’m just average, I’ll never be a best-selling author, or get tons of papers published in high impact journals, or be a professor at an R1 university, or be an Olympic athlete etc. And I think our society really empathizes achievement and I though covid might have made us all reassess, but it feels like everything is just going back to being about being achievement and climbing the later focused.

    And like the piece said why can we speak to others with compassion” I’d never let her believe the negative comments I’m saying, so why should I allow it for myself?”

    I’m going to be reflecting on “if traditional “success” is worth pursuing. What do I love most about myself outside of my career or professional accomplishments?” It feels like I’m a fish swimming upstream to not want to put achievement over happiness and self-care.

    This is a good aspiration “Now, I’m not so focused about “making it” as I am about making a life. One that will have its career highs and lows, successes and failures, but one most centered around the people, places, and things I love. And that will be prolific enough for me.”

    11.20.21 Reply
  3. Your red dress is amazing!!
    Miki x


    11.21.21 Reply