Weekend Reading

Oh hello there! So happy the weekend is here. My week was really nice – mostly because I actually made it to the gym a few times. It’s funny how much better I feel when I get to the gym. I sleep better, feel more in control of my life, and am just a better person. I need to remember this. Other than the gym, I toasted a good friend (she’s moving to San Francisco and as happy as I am for her, I’m just.so.incredibly.sad) on Tuesday and went to a fun little cocktail party with NARS on Wednesday, but otherwise… things were pretty tame.

I loved this classic look from Meghan.

I still can’t believe these are drawings!

I (finally) did a little shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I ended up buying three things: these heels, these boots, and this leather jacket.

I loved this article about how things look on Instagram vs. what’s really going on.

And this ruby red dress is just stunning on Cara!

Art for small spaces… yes, please. I’m loving this and this in particular.

How pretty is this simple updo?

Love these whimsical sunglasses.

This was one of my favorite of Molly & Sally’s posts. The photos are beautiful + I want everything they’re wearing.

I love the pretty pleats on this skirt… the blush hue would go with everything in my closet.

I was happy to see this profile on the owner of my favorite hotel/perfumery in Tulum. I got to meet her when I stayed there and she was one of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen – so it was fun to learn about her routine.

Need these graphic stripes.

And a gorgeous round-up of stripes… all on sale!

And my sister was in VOGUE. Too cool.

A sadder post about break-ups with friends. Have you gone through something similar?

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  1. Great Post! Love that you blog for the weekend! 🙂 http://kaleigh-afarmersdaughter.blogspot.com

    7.26.14 Reply
  2. fashionsbit:

    Love your shopping especially the heels and boots! Cant wait how you will style them:)

    fashionsbit blog || facebook || instagram || bloglovin || twitter

    7.27.14 Reply
  3. That post about breakup with friends is perfect. And it does make me miss the days of childhood when you could just say “we’re not friends anymore” and that was it.

    7.28.14 Reply