Weekend Reading, 10.28.23.

Weekend Reading 10.28.23

Today is a two party kind of day. I have my niece’s 5th birthday this morning and tonight we are hosting a little Halloween party at my house. I have been very excited about that. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays… it’s fun to be able to have friends over for a little get-together. I’ve had a lot of events at my house and they’ve all been work-related… this one is just for fun. I am also very excited about my costume. More to come, have a great weekend! PS – don’t forget about my Sephora Sale picks!

Weekend Reading, 10.28.23

The best inventions of 2023.

I think I found my Thanksgiving sweater (and it’s on sale!).

I enjoyed The Atlantic’s review of Britney’s memoir.

Halloween cocktails to make!

A great pair of jeans for under $100.

On the joy of eating alone in restaurants.

The subtle pearl cuffs on this very affordable sweater give it such an elegant touch.

How to make dating suck less.

Ooh! Scarlett Johansson’s head to toe beauty routine (I always love reading these).

The details on this sweater are just so pretty.

35 cozy soups to make!

These studded mary jane flats are so cute.

An excellent article about friendship and specificity.

Extremely intrigued by this all in one cleanser.

This would be such an elegant, understated party dress… I love the color!

An unexpected beauty trick from Sofia Richie Grainge.

Best Amazon fashion find in a bit: this $34 Jenni Kayne lookalike.

How The Morning Show’s costume designers dress the very stylish cast (I’ve loved the fashion so far this season!).

These art-forward hotels look pretty incredible.

I can’t stop thinking about this Sea dress. Isn’t it gorgeous?

A dreamy Upper East Side home to ogle.

I want to buy this cozy turtleneck in every color.

What do ceramides do?

Meg Ryan on taking a break from Hollywood.

An extremely pretty midi dress for fall.

Ugh this has me SO excited for Feud. Truly cannot wait.

If I had a formal event to attend I would be all over this asymmetrical black dress.

Yummy high protein dinner recipes to add to your rotation.

10 museums for book lovers to visit, across the globe!

I love this velvet iteration of one of my favorite dresses.

What does your refrigerator’s crisper drawer actually do?

Ooh I just want to curl up in this faux shearling jacket.

I thought Loewe’s campaign with Maggie Smith was so good!

This dog video made me giggle.

Happy rainbow stripes!

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  1. That Jenni Kayne lookalike sweater is so tempting, but Amazon fast fashion is just something that doesn’t feel right! $33 instead of $350 or whatever, though … that is very appealing

    10.28.23 Reply
  2. Cait:

    That Sea dress is soo beautiful!

    Also, a book lovers museum list! Omg – what a dream. Bookmarking this!!

    10.29.23 Reply
  3. I read that as “Maggie Smith for Lowe’s” and was so intrigued! I mean, purses and Professor McGonigal work well, but seeing Miss Maggie rock out a kitchen remodel – totally here for it! 🙂

    10.30.23 Reply