Weekend Reading, 10.17.20.

Weekend Reading 10.17.20

Hi! How was your week? Mine was great. Several deadlines, did some text banking… not much else to report! THANK YOU for all of the amazing comments on my post about not wanting kids. I am still spending a little time every day going through your comments and responding. The comments section is incredible, I am really enjoying reading all of your thoughts and experiences and appreciate your sharing and vulnerability.

In other news, I got realllllly into Love Life on HBO Max. It stars Anna Kendrick and every episode is a different romantic partner in her life, following her from being very young and new to New York through marriage, etc. I absolutely love it and cannot recommend it enough if you’re looking for a new show to watch. I feel like I haven’t really loved a new show in a long time. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great. I’m planning on reading a lot (I got the new Lisa Jewel book!) and seeing my niece today but otherwise not much else. XO

Weekend Reading, 10.17.20

This post got linked to in the Facebook group and I love it – on looking at, collecting, and decorating with abstract art.

Bought these faded black jeans during the Shopbop sale and they’re perfection.

The Black women behind the Biden-Harris campaign.

Mark your calendars: Blair’s newest (and last!) Nordstrom collection launches on Monday.

Very into the looks of this easy lace blouse from Free People. I can’t decide between the black or the white.

Someday I will stay at this colorful new Parisian hotel…

Couldn’t love these slouchy socks more. Ordered a second set this week.

This is a little bit mean but made me LOL.

Spooky and scary books to read this Halloween.

How good is this kitchen remodel!?

Very into these galaxy face masks… they’re so fun.

Hallmark’s Christmas movie schedule is getting a bit more progressive.

I am absolutely watching this West Wing reunion!!!!

Very very into this colorful leopard lounge set…

Jenna Lyons’ beauty routine.

Another extremely cute $25 Target dress.

Great advice for planning your day during a pandemic…

Good days and bad days.

Excellent small talk advice.

A pretty update on the classic white (or black, or blush!) t-shirt.

Age 50 is looking pretty good.

Love this classic stripe tee.

Why social media makes you feel old.

After this week’s talk about not wanting kids, a reader sent me this piece from Self – I am so glad this is being talked about more and more.

Such pretty pearl earrings.

Why local elections matter.

What a dreamy London home.

Get the preppy Barbour quilted jacket look… for way less.

Soup season is here… here are 30 recipes to try!

Love a classic camel check scarf for fall; this one is a great price!

On Kamala Harris’ style.

How to make home fries.

Another great oversized sweater dress!

Lol: Cat taco costumes.


photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Katie:

    Such great links! I loved Love Life. I haven’t related to a show so much in so long. I truly believe each relationship teaches us something and Love Life showed that perfectly. Your post about not wanting kids was amazing. I’m an aunt to many and I’m content! I have such great relatioships with my 8 nieces and nephews. We travel together and share dating and life’s challenges. I don’t think I’d have such full relationships with them if I had my own kids. I reached this level of comfort in my early 40s. I’m hopeful that others no longer give me a look of pity. I’m doing just fine and love my full life and ability be pretty carefree in a moment’s notice.

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I couldn’t agree more! And thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend.

      10.17.20 Reply

    I am not a young person, but your blog is my favorite for several reasons. You are open and honest about your life, and I always love your book recommendations, and most of your TV recommendations as well. I have purchased some clothes from your Amazon drop collection, and admire you greatly. Thank you for sharing so much with your readers. Your post about not wanting children was important.

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      That is so nice, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to say that!

      10.17.20 Reply
  3. E Witt:

    Where are those glasses from in the picture? They are so chic! And great links!

    10.17.20 Reply
  4. Rebecca:

    Hi Grace! I haven’t read a blog regularly since Google retired Reader, but I discovered The Stripe earlier this year and look forward to these posts every week. I love the blend of aspirational and affordable and just wanted to say thank you! x

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Aw I am so happy to hear that – THANK YOU for telling me, and have a great weekend!

      10.17.20 Reply
  5. Danielle:

    I know that I say this every single week, but I just love reading these posts!

    Danielle xx

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      That makes me so happy! Thanks for stopping by!

      10.17.20 Reply
  6. Cy:

    Wow Grace! You are right on trend with your piece about choosing to not have children. The response was amazing! I enjoyed the self article and my childless life is very similar. I ordered the Madewell tee ( the reviews said it runs short, but trying anyway) so cute. I got the pink. Super excited about the West Wing reunion! Thank you for helping with my wanderlust, would love to visit that gorgeous hotel some day. Are you watching Rachet? Very Wes Anderson; the styling is amazing and of course the cast is great. I could watch it just for the visuals. I loved the article about being over 50. So true. I wouldn’t mind Padma’s body, but can’t have everything . Apparently she works out like crazy. Mexican Gothic has been on my list for awhile, I have it on hold from the library. I might have to break down and buy it anyway 🙂

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Rachet and Mexican Gothic are both on my list!!!!! Excited for both things. Thanks for commenting, Cy… hope you are doing well! xx

      10.18.20 Reply
  7. Sabrina:

    Dr Foster.
    I know you started it at one point, but if you have not finished it….next binge day…that one.

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I still need to watch season 2!

      10.18.20 Reply
  8. mimi:

    Thank you for the link to Hallmark movies….”Never kiss a man in a Christmas sweater” hahahaha….Can’t wait to see the ones with Holly Robinson-Peete and Danica McKeller.
    And what is with the head/face above the door, facing the bed in the bedroom in the Queens Park home??? Oh my goodness, that would freak me out each and EVERY day!!! Enjoy your weekend.

    10.17.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks Mimi, you too!

      10.18.20 Reply
  9. Heidi:

    Hi Grace! I enjoy your blog so much. Always great recommendations. Thanks for doing what you do. Can you tell me who makes the sweater in the photo?? It’s gorgeous.

    10.18.20 Reply
  10. Libby:

    Great finds this week!! I looove the one about Kamala’s style! Girlfriend is never without her pearls, and we have that in common haha! Hope you could have some fun this weekend, Grace!! 🙂

    10.18.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I know, I loved that too! Thanks Libby.

      10.18.20 Reply
  11. Shannon Eisenhardt:

    Love the sweater in the background of the photo! Can you link?

    10.18.20 Reply
  12. Kathryn:

    Can you reshare the baguette diamond earrings you posted on your stories? Thanks!!

    10.18.20 Reply
  13. Judy Werner:

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading g your weekend reading list. It’s just a delightful addition to the end of my weekend. Thank you for all of the work you do to bring such great things to your followers. You are appreciated. ❤️

    10.18.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Aw thank you so much, Judy!!! Appreciate the note so much!

      10.18.20 Reply
  14. Maggie:


    10.20.20 Reply