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happy weekend! I had a fancy wedding celebration last night and now I have a low key couple days planned – a belated birthday brunch with my sister and her husband, maybe a movie or two, lots of yoga. I was thinking it could be nice to get up to Central Park and The Met but I’m not sure leaving the city and going up that way is in the cards for me. We shall see! Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s fab…

Enjoy this weekend’s links! XO

From my mom – essential oils that improve immunity!

A reader sent me a link to this shirt and I obviously ordered it immediately. SO me! (Thanks, Caitlin!)

Dating and NOT texting – a compelling argument for it. Personally, I really like this idea.

One of my favorite productivity hacks.

Very into this cozy navy mock neck.  Must stop buying sweaters!

How to write a great cover letter. (Hint: they’re still important!!)

Have been on the hunt for a stylish black coat. Ordered this one and will report back!

Love these under $50 gift ideas.

Really love Cup of Jo’s collab with Clare V.

Probably need this velvet wrap dress in my favorite color.

Loved seeing Hitha’s in flight travel beauty routine. These are so important; airplane air is the worst!

This sweater looks so cozy andwould be perfect with leggings/skinny jeans.

Really liked Carly’s list of the best apps. (Also, I love Headspace too!)

Can’t sleep? Doctor approved sleep advice.

Love this cozy cobalt sweater!

Do this workout routine anywhere!

Succcch a cute date night dress and it’s only $68!

Three questions to change your money mindset.

How to give your face a fall detox.

Loving these Gucci-esque white loafers.

A cute and very affordable (under $2) new brand. Gonna need to try this.

A chic suede top!

How to add bounce to fine hair.

The best bags from fashion week.

Free People does it again. Love this cozy sweater!

Loved seeing my friend Francesco on Coveteur.

Get the resin earring trend for under $10.

A smart new service for buying designer bags.

Is it a dress? Is it a top? LOVE this emerald green look on Jenn.

The perfect (really well-priced) slouchy blazer, in a ton of colors. (I ordered the brown). Can’t believe it’s under $70.

Jacey has me inspired to up my luggage game.  That hat box! (Also loved her Paris vlog!)

Obsessed with the tortoise handle on this bag! (Also: preordered these classic heels.)

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  1. Ooh, is it really true that essential oils can improve immunity? I’ve always been a bit “eh” about the effectiveness that people claim of them. Hmmm!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.13.18 Reply
    • I think they do! I know that drinking oregano oil has really helped me, but i’m curious to learn more so have been reading a lot of articles like that one!

      10.14.18 Reply
  2. Mollye Oler:

    Great links this week, Grace! The last link, the classic ivory and white shoes, I actually got an identical pair of Sam Edelman’s last week at Shopbop. Thought I’d let you know in case you don’t want to wait!


    10.13.18 Reply
    • Haha funny you should mention that because I wanted the Shopbop ones but they’re sold out in my size! So this pair was actually the runner up!

      10.14.18 Reply
  3. Katie:

    I love any personal finance articles you share!

    Hope you had a restful weekend!

    10.14.18 Reply
  4. Katie:

    Hey Grace, just wanted to comment about the essential oil post here and also your oregano oil post that ingesting essential oils can be dangerous. I know you recommend diluting with water but it may be safer to use olive oil or coconut oil if you really want to ingest it. It may just be better to avoid ingesting in general as well. Topical/diffusing seems fine (although careful with diffusing if you have cats, as it can cause lung injury in cats). And it won’t prevent the flu, but could make you feel better after you get it.

    Also, I really want that date night dress, but promised not to buy any clothes in October.

    -concerned physician

    10.14.18 Reply
  5. Oh that not texting article is SUCH A GOOD IDEA.

    10.15.18 Reply
  6. Caitlin:

    It’s such a good shirt!! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

    10.16.18 Reply