Weekend Reading, 10.1.22.

Weekend Reading 10.1.22

Happy Saturday. This weekend we were supposed to be in Connecticut with my family, celebrating my cousin Sarah’s wedding. Hurricane Ian had other plans and we are hunkered down here in Charleston. This was my first big hurricane in Charleston and there were a lot of emotions, feelings, and general anxiousness. We were really lucky and just had a lot of wind and rain. A little water got into my apartment and the new house didn’t have any damage or flooding. I feel extremely grateful. Wherever you are, stay safe and dry! Xo

Weekend Reading, 10.1.22

How to help Cuba and Florida.

Thought this was fascinating/true: how millennials killed the guest room.

I like the looks of this (under $100!) weekender travel bag.

I feel like this is important/something not everyone does: how much to tip hotel housekeepers.

How gorgeous is this off the shoulder sweater?

Technology can make your relationships more shallow.

How fun is this DIY outdoor movie screen?

Mille’s new collection is stunning; perfect for holiday parties and events. I especially love this tulle skirt, this top, and this dress.

My favorite list:

the best new releases over the next two weeks.

Love this camel coat. This one too!

7 tips to declutter your life.

How to fight wage discrimination.

I just love the shape of these black pants.

I love that AD described this Laguna Beach home as a “luxury fun house.” Goals.

This emerald green satin shirt dress is party perfect and a great price.

Some good money saving advice.

The NY Times’ favorite simple recipes.

How sweet are these patent leather Mary Jane flats?

Books to read in October.

A very pretty fall dress at a great price.

An interview with Grace van Patten (you know I’m loving Tell Me Lies!)

Love this vintage bedroom redo!

A super cozy sweater dress for just $70!

This place (and mezcal study) sounds amazing.

I want these jewel tone buckle mules in every color!

40 wardrobe essentials for 2022, according to Vogue editors.

Inside the homes of 11 master interior designers.

Um, these feather sandals are pretty fantastic.

The best lip tints and stains.

September’s best beauty launches.

Got a party coming up? This fringe dress is a total showstopper.

Wow, I love the use of color in this dreamy Boston-area home.

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  1. Kate:

    Great list, Grace! Glad to hear that you and your family are safe.

    10.1.22 Reply
  2. Zoe:

    Thank you! Glad you came through okay, and my thoughts are with everyone impacted. Great article on wage discrimination – and all of the new Mille release looks amazing! Please do us a favour by trying it out so our decisions are a little easier 😉

    10.1.22 Reply
  3. Cy:

    Such a fun roundup Grace! I had a couple shopping accidents ( dint mean to go shopping, but it happened anyway) lol.

    A word from a hotel veteran; housekeeping is serious hard work! Although her research is narrow; many hotels are Union, so the pay and benefits much better than the article states. They do deserve those tips, especially at international hotels/motels where the wages can be quite low.

    Because the travel climate has changed its not as prevalent , but please don’t feel sorry for the doorman. They are getting kickbacks from everyone ( think Vegas). In many cases a cab or town car cannot even pull up to the hotel door without paying up from to the doorman. With Uber and Lyft this has changed a lot, but I still happening. Some of the doormen I worked with made more than the general manager, owned real estate, etc. Concierges are a different lot ( look for those gold keys! Yes that’s a real thing, Les Clefs d’ Or the international concierge association ) Their reputation is everything and a good one will have serious connections and knowledge that can make a huge difference on your trip. Again the internet has changed this too. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had guests booked things by themselves or have their kids do it for them and it did not end well( the website says the tour will pick you up at 9am, but that’s a third party, so you missed your Yosemite 8:15 tour on your last day of vacation; there goes your $150or more per person fee.) The web is great, but missing many nuances and who is vetting those businesses? A good concierge knows the score and is there to help make your stay great. They are not motivated by money, but a tip is much appreciated. Salaries for concierges are not generally high. There has been a big move to unionize, because of being underpaid and under valued. Beware of tour companies saying they are concierge, they are there to sell you tours. They do not have the training or knowledge ( outsourcing is very common now) and don’t usually care about giving you the best advice. I always ask if the concierge is employed by the hotel. There are exceptions, but rarely. If your hotel is small, it might be the front desk agent who becomes your guide/concierge( I had a great experience in Italy)My best piece of advice is always email or call your hotel before your trip ( if they have a concierge even better) ask about pertinent info you might need or their best advice before you arrive. Particularly helpful internationally. You may not need it or you may be very glad you did!

    10.2.22 Reply