Weekend Reading, 1.29.22.

Weekend Reading 1.29.21

Happy weekend! I am up in the mountains of North Carolina this weekend with four of my girlfriends. I have been saying for a while now that I’d love more local getaways and adventures close to Charleston so have been really looking forward to this little trip. My friend Molly planned a fun little getaway for us at High Hampton (it’s Blackberry Farm’s sister property in NC) and I’m looking forward to some chilly, cozy wintery weather… hanging out by the fire, snowy hikes, ETC. I will tell you all about it when I get back (or follow along on Instagram) but I am excited.

Weekend Reading, 1.29.22

A running list of all the restaurants featured in And Just Like That.

How to heal our national exhaustion.

This little mini dress is currently in my cart. Love the shape and the pattern play.

I couldn’t agree more with Carly’s feelings about toast. I love it, I can’t get enough of it. These recipes look great.

How the Cartier tank watch became a classic.

It isn’t a murder robe but it IS emerald green. I just bought this.

Sit all day? You should do these exercises.

I have a few warm weather trips coming up this Spring and did a bit of shopping this week. I ordered this little Cult Gaia bag and just love it so much.

Change your finances with these four payday hacks.

A trick for feeling more gratitude.

This cute little purse is on trend and a great price.

This neutral house has an all black kitchen and I absolutely love it!

Such a pretty pink dress!

How dreamy is this Barcelona apartment? All those curves made me think of Joyful.

The triumphant rise of Charlotte.

I am completely obsessed with my new onion cutter.

Seriously just the best little gadget.

Is the next great fashion influencer a cartoon?

I don’t need a new white blouse but I sure do want this one.

50 cozy recipes.

7 books that celebrate singledom.

Have a warm weather vacation coming up? This $119 sundress would be perfect. I love all the neutrals but the yellow is so fun.

How Don’t Look Up assembled that killer ensemble cast!

If you’ve been looking for a pair of baroque pearl earrings, this pair is gorgeous and v. affordable!

Christine Baranski chats about her new role in The Gilded Age. (Have you started it?)

How scammers became the accidental heroes of the girlboss era.

This lace tunic dress is just so pretty.

Airline upgrade advice.

This little dress would be perfect for a party.

LOOK at these baby otter cuties!

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photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. I swear upon everything that few things smell more amazing than someone else’s toast. My toast? It’s ok. But if my husband is toasting something or someone in the office (back when I still went in) is toasting something it smells DIVINE.

    1.29.22 Reply
  2. My biggest takeaway from this entire post is that I had no idea City Bakery closed, and despite now living 3,000 miles away, I am not OK with this.

    1.29.22 Reply
  3. Ashley:

    I’m at Blackberry Mountain right now! Can’t wait to hear how you like their other property! I’m so curious!

    1.29.22 Reply
  4. Lindsey Hughes:

    Hi Grace, I would love to know if you love your Kelly Wearstler lamp (i.e. worth the money??) I’ve been eyeing the black one for what feels like forever and just have never pulled the trigger. Love the weekend reading as well!

    2.1.22 Reply
    • Lindsey Hughes:

      Also, another fun single person book is What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman (spoiler – it’s travel!).

      2.1.22 Reply
    • I love it so much – it’s hard for me to say it’s worth the money if I don’t know someone’s budget but I am very very happy with mine. I think home items are worth the extra money as you are in your space so much (vs an outfit etc!)

      2.2.22 Reply