Weekend Reading, 1.23.21.

Weekend Reading 1.23.21
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What a week. We have a new president. Social media felt fun again… lighter and happier? I know I breathed one big sigh of relief on Wednesday night. On a personal note I am starting to prepare for my move.  The first project has been getting reallllly focused on purging my apartment. I am slowly going through every corner, cabinet, shelf, closet, and drawer and donating/giving away a LOT. It’s wild how much stuff a person can accumulate living somewhere for even just four years. I don’t move for 9 weeks or so but want to make it as stress-free as possible so am starting the process NOW.

I’ve also hired Erin Gates from Elements of Style (I am obsessed with her blog, have been a loyal reader for years) to help me design the new space. She’s given me quite a bit of homework and this weekend’s project is finishing up measuring every single piece of furniture and art in my apartment and getting all of that to her so that she can help me think about the flow, what goes where, and what I need to sell and buy, etc. Both projects (purging + getting ready to design the new space) are simultaneously tedious but exciting! Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope it’s great. XOXO

Weekend Reading, 1.23.21

The best fashion moments from the inauguration.

Tempted by these washable silk PJs. Has anyone tried them?

Maskne fighting sheet masks are HERE!

Inside Jenna Lyons’ dreamy Soho apartment.

These slouchy socks remain maybe one of the best purchases of this winter. I wear a pair every day.

Wait whaaa!? This DIY rattan cabinet looks incredible.

A friend gave me this Nest grapefruit diffuser. I was initially not sure where to put it as I burn so many candles. Turns out, it’s perfect in the bathroom.

Black and South Asian women reflect on Kamala Harris becoming Vice President.

“Hope is not the same thing as optimism.”

This $20 faux diamond band was one of last week’s best sellers. I’m so happy, as mine makes ME happy.

Blue Apron is doing a special flash sale through 1/29.

Take $100 off your first 5 boxes!

This little baby doll dress is so easy to throw on, would be great with tights and boots right now.

Loved these tech hacks to help you have a better work-life balance.

How to brighten someone’s day during the pandemic.

I’ve been testing this Vitamin C serum since early December and really like it. More to come next week.

8 things to do with (almost) rotten produce.

Such a fan of this affordable initial pendant. I wear mine a LOT.

I loved and (though are lives are so different!) deeply related to this personal post from Liz.

Everything we know about Bridgerton Season 2.

To help with motivation, I treated myself to a few new workout things this week. These shiny navy blue leggings, this white tank, this navy blue bra!

How dreamy is this eclectic Manhattan loft space? The art!!!!

One of my new fav sweaters. Could pass for Rebecca Taylor or Sea!

On giving yourself grace.

Dunkin’ is going to start selling salads? Hmmm!

How pretty is this (very affordable) smocked midi dress? Love. This one, too!

Very excited about the new scripted Julia Childs show coming to HBO Max!

I’ve heard great things about these simple layering tanks and ordered a few this week.

Why we need to retire saying “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful!”

On finding your perfect winter moisturizer (I love that Bader + Skin Food were grouped in a similar quadrant.)

I’ve been stalking this cashmere sweater but have yet to pull the trigger. Love the silhouette!

And when all else fails, there are always baby kangaroos.


Photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Thanks for the links! Have a great weekend, Grace! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.23.21 Reply
  2. Stephanie:

    I have also been a long time follower of Erin Gates. I hope you keep us posted on the progress.

    1.23.21 Reply
  3. Kassie:

    Tedious but exciting is right! I’m looking to move within the next couple of months (currently hunting for a place) and it’s definitely a mixed bag of “ooh look at all the possibility” and “I forgot this one small thing and now have to make another trip to the thrift store”. Best of luck to you!

    1.23.21 Reply
  4. Darcy:

    I hate being negative but wanted to warn you: don’t bother with the washable silk pajamas—overpriced, not as silky soft as you’re imagining them to be, and the shorts are SHORT—I have underwear with more coverage.

    1.23.21 Reply
    • Thank you – I am all for honesty and really appreciate it!!! I hate when shorts are too short especially.

      1.23.21 Reply
  5. Karen:

    Grace + Erin is the 2021 content I NEED! Can’t wait to see how your new place comes out.

    Also, I’m a stranger, so wow, that was invasive? The internet remains weird.

    Also also, many thanks for answering my question today about the Bader dupes. I have no idea how I missed your post in December, so thank you for answering!

    1.23.21 Reply
    • Maggie:

      I too am STOKED about the Grace/Erin Gates pairing and so SO excited for Grace’s upcoming move!

      1.23.21 Reply
    • Thanks! I’m so excited to work with her!

      1.23.21 Reply
  6. Amanda:

    Very interested to hear if the Lunya PJs are #WorthIt!

    1.23.21 Reply
  7. Kristen:

    I LOOOOOVE the lunya pajamas. The one annoying thing is that you can’t mix and match sizes (so buy either all small or all medium). The shorts are pretty high cut on the sides but that didn’t bother me! I have two pairs and am
    obsessed with them and their sleep mask as well.

    1.23.21 Reply
  8. omg I LOVE that loft with the bright pops of blue. I’m trying to redo a lot in my apartment and I keep going between soft coastal hues (I’m across the street from the beach), or lots of bright color

    1.24.21 Reply
    • Haha I alternate the same – admiring both bold bright colors and my sister’s more coastal tones!

      1.24.21 Reply