Weekend Reading | 2.16.19.

Weekend Reading | 2.16.19

If my weekend plans could be captured in one photograph, this would probably be it. Have you read the Neapolitan Quartet? I am in love. I read the first one, My Brilliant Friend, and moved onto the second one (The Story of a New Name). We talked about the first one in February’s Reading List but I’m learning that they are a little polarizing – people are either completely fanatical or couldn’t get into them. There was a lively discussion in the Bad on Paper Facebook Group and I learned that both my mom and sister had tried to read them but stopped. I find that they read slowly so can understand why some would get bored, but they are just so beautifully written. Moving on though, happy weekend! I hope yours is great (and hopefully filled with books and cozy time!)

Weekend Reading | 2.16.19

One little first order of business. I applied to a be a part of the new #SephoraSquad. It’s their new influencer initiative, meant to celebrate unfiltered, honest voices in beauty. It would be a dream partnership for me and a part of the application process includes reader testimonials. If you’d like to leave one, I would be beyond grateful. (And a HUGE thanks to all who already have left one – I’ve been blown away by your support!)

The other exciting thing is that we are doing our first ever LIVE PODCAST at Caroline’s on Broadway on April 1st! It’s going to be a fun night and you can get half off your tickets with code BOP. Please come!!!!

Also my friends at Margaux made a discount code for you all! Take 10% off your order with GRACE10! Love my leopard heels.

YESS Diane Keaton. (I just love her.)

I finally ordered the red glitter sunglasses. Also picked up this ultra cozy cashmere sweater on major sale.

Smart style advice: what to do when black tights don’t go with your outfit.

Best find of the week: these $4 crystal hair pins. You can customize them to say anything you want. I got my name, “books,” and “BOP.”

The center part is coming for you! Into it.

Living for pearls right now so naturally I LOVE this look!

This Topshop frock is basically Kate Hudson’s EXACT yellow dress from How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I have too many fancy dresses and no upcoming events but WANT. Somebody get it.

A peek inside Candice Bushnell’s closet.

Deception in the digital age.

You guys went wild over this brow product – it was my most clicked on product this week!

I’m with Anna: double cleansing is the BEST.

A sweet date idea for the book lovers. Love this.

I wanted some vintage-y band tees and sweatshirts. Picked up this, this, and this on Amazon and planning to distress them and put them through the wash a few times!

I really liked Geri’s fashion week street style roundup. So much good (but not too out there!) inspiration.

A cheery rainbow sweater at a great price ($30!?) This one is great too.

Loooove this DIY crystal appliqué beanie!

Solid dating advice. (I re-joined Hinge this week…!)

These ear cuffs came in the mail this week (I had pre-ordered them!) and they are CHIC.

I always love Victoria’s round-ups. (I too am loving the Courant mats!)

Do you still get together with your exes? I’m friends with a lot of mine and really resonated with this piece. The comments were also interesting to read.

Modcloth gifted me this beautiful eyelet top for dinner last night and I’m obsessed. Looks like Rebecca Taylor and comes in size XXS through 4X!

Loved Jess’s post about health and body image.

It has been a long week and I am 1,000% doing this bath soak this weekend!

This yellow look is SO GOOD on Jenn!

How clever are these bedroom storage tips and tricks?

I definitely need these slippers for all of the lounging.

Loved Ashley’s video – so many great ideas for wearing white denim year round.

Ulla Johnson is giving me serious vacation cravings. Her whole Spring collection is just phenom.

Liz’s kitchen is looking really great. Love the tiles she chose.

Loved Krystal’s list of free things to do in New York.

One of my most favorite dresses in the prettiest print!


photo by Carter Fish.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    Your opening paragraph has inspired me to get on with my reading this weekend, Grace! 🙂 I just finished Mad Girl today, and I’m super motivated to get on to my second book this year (I know, I’m a slow one…). Hope you have a lovely weekend! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.16.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      YES enjoy – happy reading Charmaine!

      2.16.19 Reply
  2. Andi Snow:

    Hi Grace,

    I’m probably a little bit older than your average reader (ok, probably a lot) but I just really enjoy your blog! So I thought I’d ask for some advice – my 13 yr old daughter and I are seeing Hamilton (!) next month on Broadway. What should she wear??

    Also, I’ve been scouring your blog recently for fun places to eat and other things to do while we’re there – thank you!


    2.16.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi Andi!
      You’d be surprised! 😉 That is amazing you guys are going to Hamilton! It is SO GOOD. Took myself for my 36th birthday a year and a half ago!
      People tend to be pretty casual at broadway shows. I always say it’s good to be comfy as you’re sitting for so long. When I went, I just wore cute boots, jeans, and a sweater… but a sweater dress with tights and boots would be great too!
      Hope that’s helpful and ENJOY!

      2.16.19 Reply
  3. Jenn Lake:

    Thanks so much for including my post, friend! Means the world. Also, I can totally see you loving that yellow dress!

    2.16.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      of course!!! Hope you had a great weekend Jenn!

      2.17.19 Reply
  4. jenn:

    I am SOOOO excited for your live show with Becca! Is the discount code still working today (Sunday)? I just tried to buy tickets, but the discount in not showing up for me 🙁 Let me know!

    2.17.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh my gosh YAY so glad!!

      And yes it should work! It isn’t case sensitive… just “bop” Let me know and I will send a note to the team to find out!!

      2.17.19 Reply
      • grace at the stripe:

        Hey! I just tried this and wanted to give you a tip. You just need to hit the little arrow after you enter the code. It will then apply the code, and you’ll see the discounted price reflected on the screen. LMK if you have any issues and see you there!!!

        2.17.19 Reply
        • Jenn:

          Yes! That worked! Can’t wait!!!

          2.17.19 Reply
          • grace at the stripe:

            So glad!

  5. Jae:

    OMG, how did I not know about Diane Keaton’s Instagram?! I need to follow her asap!

    2.17.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Right!? She is amazing.

      2.17.19 Reply
  6. Brittany:

    I’ve been waiting to pull the plug on getting the leopard loafers from Margaux after buying their heels + flats and loving them. I had to order some after seeing you had a code! THANK YOU!

    2.17.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      OH GOOD! They are so wonderful!!!

      2.17.19 Reply
  7. Katya:

    Nothing beats a cozy place and a good book. That picture of yours really says it all. I am looking forward of reading it.


    2.18.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Couldn’t agree more! Thanks Katya!

      2.18.19 Reply
  8. margo:

    I loved the Neopolitan series and I’m always surprised when someone didn’t love her series. But good writing sometimes brings about strong responses. P.S. I think you would be a wonderful influencer at Sephora and I let them know!

    2.20.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I feel the same way! I’m finishing up book 2 and bought the remaining 2 yesterday!

      2.21.19 Reply