Weekend Reading | 1.11.19.

Weekend Reading | 1.11.19

Happy weekend! This was a busy but fun week. It was the first full week back after the holiday break and I definitely struggled with productivity but tried not to beat myself up too much about it… it was nice to slowly ease into things. One big highlight was going to Kate Kennedy’s first New York Live show – she was amazing and we had such a fun night! The weekend is definitely going to be pretty chill. I went to dinner last night, am meeting my best friend’s new baby today, have plans with Ashley later, and am spending time with my sister and my niece tomorrow!

Weekend Reading | 1.11.19

Another good list of buzzworthy books for 2020! Also, Buzzfeed’s most anticipated books.

This coat is one of my best sellers and it’s an incredible price right now. So simple and chic.

I really loved Helena’s advice for looking more put together. She is just so effortlessly stylish.

The secret to a relaxing vacation.

Love this super cute rainbow fair isle sweater!

How to read more this year.

The CUTEST ($22!) botanical pajama set.

Has dating gotten harder or easier?

The best book subscription boxes.

This tee makes me nostalgic for Clueless.

The most anticipated rom-com’s of 2020!

This lace blouse is STUNNING.

Lupita Nyong’o’s favorite books.

OMG – the world’s first butter bar is opening in Colorado – reason to plan a trip?

My favorite “dressy sweater” just went on sale!

V. excited for the Little Fires Everywhere mini series. March 18th!

Love this chunky turtleneck!!!

On finding your apology language.

Yeah, sex is cool, but what are they eating?

This cozy fleece pullover is so cute and just went on sale!

How to invest in yourself when your employer won’t.

I’m into the lace sleeves on this t-shirt! (In plus sizes here!)

How to meditate on planes, trains, and automobiles!

The most exciting drugstore beauty launches (including a purple shampoo, aluminum free deodorant, face masks, and more!)

My favorite white blouse.

How to have closer friendships (and why that’s important!!)

OK I LOVE this mini dress! The back is so cute.

On what plant-based actually means.

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. I totally get you on finding it hard to settle down again after the new year – though we’ll be celebrating again soon here in Hong Kong since it’s Chinese New Year in two weeks! Anyway, thanks for the links, Grace. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.11.20 Reply
  2. Thanks for the round up! I ordered the coat that’s 50% off in ‘oatmeal’ PUMPED.


    1.12.20 Reply
  3. Jo:

    So I have to be honest, I came over because I saw your cat. I know, I know, however there are very few cats that are the exact same colours as mine. I have lived with my Persian of the same colouring for nearly 12 years and it always amazes me that I suddenly find other cats randomly primarily on Instagram which look just like her. I always follow them as mine won’t look pretty for long enough to take that many pictures.
    I stayed longer to read your brilliant links, especially the book ones. Living in the UK, we are very often behind on a lot of the book releases I hear about so I will be making a list of the books I have read about and they might be here by Xmas if I’m lucky.
    Hope you’re having a great Sunday

    1.12.20 Reply
  4. Jen:

    I really liked the article on the apology language – gave me a lot to think about.

    1.12.20 Reply